Stefanie Japel

Stefanie Japel is a lifelong creative maker, living in Las Cruces, New Mexico with her mom and two daughters.  While she holds advanced degrees in Earth and Planetary Science from Johns Hopkins University (go Blue Jays) and has travelled the world working as a scientist, Stefanie has also done it all in craft.

She started her first blog, Glampyre Knits,  in 1999, and things grew organically from there.  Soon, three book deals came her way (Fitted Knits, Glam Knits, and Mom & Me Knits.)  In 2009, Stefanie started her own online teaching platform, creating and hosting fun & lively online classes for the better part of two years before professionally joining the team at Craftsy.  At Craftsy, Stefanie did everything from social media to planning and overseeing production & marketing of over 200 online courses in craft education.  

Currently, Stefanie is reveling in having the time, space, and creative energy to work on all of the projects she's set aside, and loves coming up with new ones!




Shalom Hubbard

Shalom Hubbard is our newest (and favorite) intern and model.  Shalom is the fresh beautiful face that you see shining from Instagram and product photos.  (Check out Shalom's Instagram.)

She is also busy behind the scenes dyeing products, styling photoshoots, editing images, and generally being indispensable however possible.

Judith Sung

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