This website is a spot for me to not only document my creative process, but to share what I've made with you.  I'm a long-time fiber artist.  Until recently, I've focused on writing knitting patterns and books about knitting, as well as teaching about knitting both in person and online.  

I'm really a lifelong creative, and I started out on the sewing machine.  My parents are both super crafty, and I just grew up making things, gardening, baking...all of that stuff.  

I have a lifelong interest in education, as well.  I have a PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Johns Hopkins University, I'm a Carnegie Fellow, and a Max-Planck Fellow. And, I recently left a wonderful job helping to grow Craftsy.com, the largest online source for craft education online, to move to Las Cruces, NM, to help my mom through some pretty intense health issues.

While I have the time and space, I'm just kind of seeing where art, education, and business intersect for me.