My first weaving … somewhat warped but I love it!

So a few weeks ago, Angela Tong came to Craftsy to teach her RIgid Heddle Weaving class.  While she was here, everyone at work totally caught the weaving bug, including me.  I’m not very hard to convince that any new fiber hobby is a good hobby…but even the camera guys were like, “This is so cool! I gotta get one of these looms!”  Our camera crew is very crafty, and really gets into every single shoot, but there was something so amazing about weaving that we all just fell in love with it.

Angela Tong teching her Rigid Heddle Craftsy class

When Angela left, she left me with one of the looms, already warped, and with a “Stashbuster Scarf” already started & said that I could finish it and keep the end result! She had used scraps of tinsel, and even some wool felt fabric strips from Weeks Dye Works (Awesome fabric, threads, and more. If you haven’t checked out their products, do!) …I loved the scarf so far! And how much fun that my good friend had started it. It’s the one she’s working on in the picture above.

We had just come back from TNNA a few weeks before that, and I had some incredible carry – along yarns from SWTC that I’d been dying to try out.  Jonelle had given me a spool of String – Me – Along, which is a very fine yarn with sequins.
My first weaving!

If you know me at all, you know that I love bright colors, sequins, glitter, and anything shiny. So, to me, stringing this sequined yarn along with my weaving yarns seemed like the perfect way to add some cohesiveness to the project. (Just wait…you’ll see!)

I combined that and a bunch of fun yarns including some O-Wool left over from my Shapely Boyfriend sweater, some Ozark Handspun, and more than I can even remember.

AND…I finished the Stashbuster!

I wove this!

I just can’t believe that I made this!! It’s so awesome. I love the stashbuster effect, in that the colors and textures of the weft are so random…but the warp really ties them all together in a pleasing way. I can’t wait to try more weaving on the Cricket. I’ll have to watch Angela’s Craftsy class to learn how to warp it, though!!

I wove this!

I wove this!

Gratuitous Olive pic:
Olive and my scarf