Hey! I knit this shawl with beads!

I finished this shawl not too long ago. I like it. Jenn took this photo of me the other day at work. the color of the wall is just amazing.

Me and my beaded knit scarf

I used two techniques that I hadn’t tried before. I combined two lace patterns in the same project, without making them flow into each other…just separated them into sections. I also Knit with Beads in the last few rows.

Beaded lace scarf

I absolutely LOVE the yarn! It’s Bijou Basin Tibetan Dream…a gorgeously soft, warm, and lofty yak yarn. I’ve swatched Bijou yarns before (thanks to my great friend Marly Bird, who gave me a few samples.)

Beaded lace scarf

Beaded lace scarf

Here it is blocking:

And before blocking, I love this texture! AND…check out the beads!!
Beaded lace

I caught the knitting with beads bug when Laura Nelkin was in Denver filming her Knitting with Beads Craftsy class.
Laura Nelkin and me
(Here we are together at TNNA, back when she was planning her FIRST Craftsy class!)

TGV and Anzula make for a perfect late night knit!

Anzula TGV

Woo Hoo! I just blocked my TGV. I used Anzula Squishy and US 5s. It’s so awesome! The pattern is really simple, and great for those nights when I’m just awake enough for an episode or two of a favorite show on Netflix, but not up for anything too complex.



The yarn is a gorgeous shade of orange. It’s so soft and squishy, and feels great. I wore it on Saturday with a gray tunic & black leggings. It was the perfect pop.


Mazie and the TGV


Mazie helped me take my pics, and found some flowers! She’s at such a fun age…so smart and really trying to be helpful.  She’s amazing!



Here’s the scarf before blocking.  It’s got a totally different shape than after.  Look at how squishy that Squishy is!!