Blue Angel Shawl – new workshop on Craftsy!

Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy

Come join me for a knit along! I’m hosting the July knit-along on Craftsy.  We’re making the shawl that you see in these pics – my new Blue Angel Shawl.

This project will teach you some fun new skills and explain some things that you may have been doing in your knitting for years, but maybe haven’t really understood why. The workshop includes the pattern, along with in-depth instructions and high quality close-up photos of each step. Craftsy will send you one beautiful skein of Cascade Heritage yarn in Como Blue to complete the project. Plus, I will be responding to questions and providing help along the way.

With my guidance, knitters intermediate and above will be able to participate in and enjoy the workshop. Won’t you join the fun? Grab a tall iced tea, your favorite patio chair, and knit along with me!  Click here to join!

Note: this is not a video class, it’s a photo-based knit-along.

Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy

Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy


Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy

New Fall custom yarn colors from Fiesta Yarns, Craftsy, and ME!

Happy long weekend! What are you knitting over Labor Day?

I’m working on this:
Custom colors with Fiesta Yarns

I like it so much that I even used it in my new header image!

This yarn is really special…it’s my first custom colorway! I worked with Cat (Craftsy‘s awesome yarn buyer, crochet goddess, and all-around wonderful human) and Jeannie of Fiesta Yarns to come up with what we think is a gorgeous series of colors for fall.

Custom colors with Fiesta Yarns

Craftsy’s working on a really fun series of Designer Custom Colors with a few well-known, high-end yarn companies. Fiesta Yarns Boomerang is the first in the series, and the yarn is gorgeous, soft, silky (and superwash.)  The color has so much depth, it just seems to glow from the inside out.  I’ve been working on this sweater for just about a week…you can tell that I’m loving it…look how far I am already!!

Custom colors with Fiesta Yarns

Since I’ve never designed a custom colorway before, I decided to start with a theme:  SPICES.

We had one cooler week here in Denver, when I was able to really start thinking about FALL.  Fall to me is a time to get back to cooking.  (Our house doesn’t have central air, so I don’t do a ton of cooking in the summer.) I love the way the whole house smells when I’m baking bread, making cookies, and have  stew in the crock pot all at once! To me, the spicy aromas, whether sweet or savory, really signal fall.

I found gorgeous images of three spices (saffron, cinnamon, and cloves) and sent them to Jeannie with a little description of each one.  And this is what she sent back:

Custom colors with Fiesta Yarns

This yarn is lucky that I haven’t gobbled it up! It’s so tasty-looking!

Custom colors with Fiesta Yarns

The colors are rich and luscious, and are exactly how I imagined they’d be.  Thanks, Fiesta and Craftsy! This is so amazing!

I’ll keep you posted about the sweater!

Hello from Craftcation!

Hi Everyone! I’m writing from an amazing event called Craftcation in Ventura, California. I’m here with my colleague Emily from Craftsy and we are having a great time and meeting lots of awesome makers.

Here’s the view from my hotel room in one direction:

And from the other direction:

It’s foggy, but that just intensifies the colors in a cool way.

I’m writing this post from my PHONE! (I learned how in my Craftcation class with Se Reed on WordPress.)

Ok! More soon!