Downtown Aquarium, Denver … Our road trip continues…


Since Mazie loves animals of all kinds, the aquarium was a natural stop for us to visit.

Not much to really say about this stop, other than that I felt we got our money’s worth (it went on past the point at which I thought I’d seen enough fish) and that it’s a good spot to take interesting photos.

Here are some of the pics that I took while we were there. I won’t post all of them here, if you’re interested (ahem, grandma J) you can click on any one of them to see more:





And that about finishes up the trip!

On the way home we stopped again in Santa Fe, and I did a little shopping. I stopped at a shop on the Plaza called “Passementrie” because they had just gorgeous clothing in the windows. I talked to the owner / designer a little bit and here’s her story:

She has a background in “Couture hand Embroidery” and started her business through an artisan grant. She goes to India for several months every year and works with the local artisans there to create her clothing lines. The fabrics are all hand block printed, and the clothing is just beautiful. Each seam is finished for strength, and all are very easy care.

I came home with several pieces:


I just got such energy from her and her shop and her story! Stop by if you’re ever on the Plaza!

July installment of the Bundles of Joy club!

The July installment of the Bundles of Joy club from Fibre Space arrived while we were on our trip…and I was so excited to rip the package open and see what it was!

This month’s treat is so nice!

July installment of Bundles of Joy club from Fibrespace

Three skeins of The Fibre Co. Canopy Fingering (a yarn I’m working with on a new project myself) and their adorable Waylon Pullover pattern.

You know I’ve got a soft spot for one-piece knits, and this one is a different construction than the one I normally do: It’s knit from the bottom up, and then sleeves and body are joined and the circular yoke is worked back and forth and joined with a button. VERY cute!

part of the July installement of the Bundles of Joy club

I’m very interested to see how the yoke is decreased (at what rate and at how many points.)

Thank you, Fibre Space! (It’s not too late for you to order any of the kits directly from the site.)

Denver Zoo … Our road trip part 2

Denver Zoo (Tonya and Mazie)
While we were in Denver visiting my newly married, newly pregnant, new homowner sister…we decided to hit a few of the local kid-friendly attractions. One of our favorites was the Denver Zoo.

Denver Zoo (Me, Tonya, Mazie, and Olive)

(I’ve got a new iPhone and have been playing around with an app that adjusts pictures…forgive me!)

Denver Zoo (Carousel)

Mazie is (as most toddlers seem to be) obsessed with animals. We have a small local zoo in El Paso, TX about an hour away, but we still like to take her to bigger zoos when we have the chance. Zoos have changed a LOT since I was a kid, and they’re more conservation-focused, with large areas of land for the animals…it’s just not as sad to go as it used to be.

Denver Zoo (Mazie, Mom, Tonya)

That being said, we had a great time just watching Mazie react to the various animals. She likes to categorize them according to family, which is the Mommy, the Daddy and the Baby. SO…I have no photos with any animals in them, but lots of Mazie, Olive, and my sister!

Mazie with her ice cream

And one more of Olive awake:

Denver Zoo (Tonya and Olive)

Next Stop: Fancy Tiger!

Oodles yarn shop, Santa Fe … our road trip part 1

Well, when I said I was taking June off, I meant it! We just got back from a trip to visit my sister in Denver. She just got married, found out she’s pregnant, and bought a house! All in a few weeks of each other. When it rains it pours!

SO. Olive, Mazie, Mom and I all swarmed in on poor Tonya for a week! How could we not celebrate so many wonderful newses!?
You know I’ve talked a little bit about being kind of far from everything here in Las Cruces.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my town, but it’s a little place. It was SO FUN to go on a big old roadtrip with my girls! We left here and drove as far as Santa Fe on the first day, and then on up to Denver on the second day. Stayed several days with Tonya, and then did the same thing on the way back (stopping in Santa Fe.)

It might take me a few posts to relay all of the awesomeness that was this trip, but I’ll do it! I suppose I could have blogged from the road as some people do, but I just enjoyed being free from the computer for a while. This was a vacation of the second degree! (Not the third degree, because I did tweet and facebook from my PHONE…just didn’t actually use the COMPUTER.) I also just realized that I did not knit a STITCH while I was gone. Of course I brought my project, just never did get it out. Staying in someone else’s house with my 2 babies kept me on my toes!

So on the way up, I was tweeting that I would be in Santa Fe, and asking for yarn shop suggestions. Mary-Heather suggested that I stop by Oodles yarn shop. She’d done an event there before and said they were really sweet. So … we did!

At Oodles yarn shop in Santa fe

The shop is really cute and southwest-y with a cowhide rug on the floor and exposed dark beams overhead. Also very Santa Fe in that a lot of the sample garments are sparkly or shiny and use lots of different yarns. (This appeals to the magpie in me, too. I’m telling you, I would love to wear glitter every single day.) The owner was out of town, so I didn’t get to meet her, but I did buy some of her daughter’s hand dyed yarn:


I have to be forthcoming and say that we created a slight bit of chaos in this shop. I was up front talking to the woman on duty and a local knitter about the value of the Railrunner and my hopes of there being a train all the way from Santa Fe down to us in Cruces / El Paso…and Mazie came up to me carrying a stick (later determined to be part of an antique spinning wheel) saying, “I broke this!” THEN, I sat the diaper bag down on a table and my 400th anniversary of Santa Fe pint margarita glass fell out and clonked onto the floor. THEN Mazie’s chair completely fell over and crashed. THEN Mom knocked over a bookrack. UNREAL how much havoc a cadre of redhaired women can cause in a yarn store!

And you know what? The lady was so nice she picked out a horse-shaped stone pendant and gave it to Mazie. I mean…that was just so cool. We were such a mess and she gave US gifts! (Don’t worry, we bought copious yarn to make up for our behavior! We always do that…if you see us coming into your shop, don’t put up the closed sign!)

Here are Mazie and my mom outside a shop near the Plaza in Santa Fe…aren’t they both so cute!?
Mazie and Grandma K

I tell you, trips like this are so precious…I didn’t get to go to Santa Fe with MY grandma!! I’m so grateful to have my parents here in town and to be able to have experiences like this!

Next installment: Denver Zoo.

TNNA – with photos!

I found some pictures of us at TNNA! (Gotta love Flickr!)

SO, I’ll post them here in case I ever want to look back and remember with fondness the year that my family went with me. (This may not happen again…)

OK, Here Olive and I are with Ysolda in her photobooth:
Ysolda had a great booth setup, as you’ve probably seen from other peoples’ photos. Really fun and inviting,with tea parties every day!

I put the rest of the photos in a gallery here, rather than download and re-upload them all to my own account.