We like to sit in the shade together…

Saturday night we went on our first real date night without Mazie. We went to dinner AND a movie. We saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was actually funny! We’ve been out to eat without our baby, but not out for a whole evening. It was almost 5 hours. My mom babysat, and as we were leaving, she said my dad was stopping at the Greek to pick up sandwiches and he was coming over, too. For a brief moment, I wanted to say, “NO BOYS!” …but managed to keep it to myself.

Grandpas are always welcome!

Sunday we did some stuff in the yard. I bought a couple of rose bushes to put in, and Nate dug the hole. When I asked him to dig a hole for each plant, I pictured just a little 10″ hole, the size of each pot. But what I got was a very impressive kidney-shaped bed with a berm on one side. Very nice. Very 3 or 4 hours’ worth of digging. Mazie and I sat inside for a while, then had to go see what Daddy was up to!

Both in our blue chairs

We got out our lounge chairs and Mazie watched Daddy and I knit my sock.

Mazie fell asleep.
Mazie and Mommy

My sock:

Sometimes you gotta wait for it, other times you gotta work for it.

Unwind Yarn Company
I ordered a couple of sock needles from Knitpicks a week or so ago and the package got here yesterday. I’d been waiting and waiting for this thing. They sent me an email when it shipped on the 21st of April, and every single day, I was listening for that mailman to drop it off.

You can hear his truck from the living room, the starter’s so bad. He has to park and turn it off between every house on our block, because we all have our mailboxes on the houses instead of on the street. So he’s turning that thing on and off at nearly every single house. He probably could park at one end and walk the whole block in a few minutes, but he likes to drive.


Two days ago I was running around the house doing whatever and there’s a knock at the door. This lady’s standing there with a square priority box in her hand. (Apparently a package that may-or-may-not belong to me had been mis-delivered to her house.) She was holding it up and squinting at it through her bifocals and asked me what the last name was at this house. I told her, and she said no, that wasn’t it. So we both shrugged and she got in her car and started backing down the driveway. And I’m thinking…”Wait! Maybe I had something delivered to Glampyre Knits!”

SO, I caught her a few feet down the street. Before she rolled down the window, she clutched my package to her chest like I was coming to rob her! I told her about the Glampyre Knits thing and she handed it over. But, you guys, she did NOT want to give up that package!

It was a pretty surreal interaction all the way around. Especially that she thought I was so shady. She really took her self-assigned duties as Postal Deputy seriously.

Unwind Yarn Company

And…it turned out NOT to be my needles. It was SOCK YARN from Unwind Yarn Company in colorways “Carnelian and turquoise” and “Parrotfish.” It’s 70% Merino, 30% Seacell. GORGEOUS. This combination of fibers is lustrous and really has a great squish to it. I think I’ll use 2s to knit these socks.

My needles didn’t get here until yesterday. I knew it might be a while, and they were totally within the 5-14 day time limit, but after day 9, I was really getting jittery. I’ve managed to keep the sock casting-on to ONE new pair so far, but I have a few new yarns that I really want to try out.

Regia Bamboo Color (1071)

This is some that I bought while we were living in Germany. It’s really shimmery. 45% bamboo, 40% superwash, 15% polyamide. I’m knitting my first “toe-up-two-at-a-time-on-one-needle”s.

Regia Bamboo Color (1071)