UPcycled Tshirt Yarn patterns are LIVE on Ravelry

Finally uploaded the patterns to my Ravelry shop!

I have now formatted and uploaded all four of the new Tshirt yarn patterns to Ravelry. They range in price from $2 to $3. CHEAP. My contribution to encourage people to recycle or, even better, UPcycle!

In case you missed it, you can watch my “how to make Tshirt Yarn video” here. And, if you are really inspired, you can sign up for the next offering of the class.

PS: I’m designing a kids’ Tshirt yarn pattern for the winter issue of Petite Purls.

More Tshirt Yarn projects and a video how-to

So we are well into week 2 of tshirt yarn class, and I’m really making a lot of projects!

Here’s a scarf that I knit, using a length of organic bamboo fabric that I cut into yarn. I overdyed it in tea! The tea stained the scarf in a really interesting way, and toned down the baby pink.

tea stained scarf

I also dyed this light pink yarn with tea:
tea-stained yarn drying

Here’s what it looked like fresh out of the dye bath:
tea stained tshirt yarn

It was light pink to begin with, and the tea added those darker tan spots. I can’t wait to see how this knits up!

Here’s a little video on how to use tea or coffee to dye things:

Find more videos like this on UPcycled Tshirt Yarn Class

How to teach an online class and potential guest teacher slots on my Ning site.

I plan to launch this in November, but want to start a signup area for people who might be interested in having more information and updates as I get this started. If you are interested, sign up on my ning site, and then join this group.

I will teach a “how to teach an online class” class there on the site. The class will cost $75 and will show teachers how to use inexpensive video cameras to create content, how to create PDFs that go along with the videos, how to generally use the online classroom software.

I will provide ning-specific training that I’ve learned teaching in this format. [ I have DEFINITELY found that video is an incredibly important part off the class. I've even had students say, "Your videos have meant SO much to me!"]

Then, the potential teachers have the option to submit class proposals to me, and if selected, can teach a class on this site. Selection will depend on the topic, on the need for the class, on the professionalism of the content in the submission, etc. (more details as this progresses)Of course, the teacher may decide to teach a class on his or her own site, and that is fine too! If they teach on my site, I’ll refund part of the initial “how to teach a class” fee.

The advantages of teaching on my site will be that I have already got a pretty large following (over 300 members and about 5K hits / day to the site) and any advertising I do for my OWN classes will also be advertising for them.

I will charge a % of the class fees that they collect. 40 % for the first class offering, and less thereafter, when my support will be less necessary.

The first time they teach the class, they’ll be under my supervision, I’ll be a ‘student’ in the class and make sure that everything is running smoothly. I’ll also be available for technical support, proofing content, etc.

Once teachers get their first class up and running, they can leave it on the site and just repeat it over and over…so the first time they teach it, it’s a TON of work…but the next time is smoother because they”ve got all of the content, they’ve heard the questions, they know the trouble-spots that people have.

The students say that they feel like they are on the cutting edge, or feel like they’re already in the future! It’s wonderful.

Taos recap AND Tshirt Class starts today!

We just got back from the Taos wool festival. I actually bought yarn. I bought just as much as I could stuff into my commemorative tote!

The real highlight, however, was meeting up with some very fine knitters and dyers!
Taos Mosaic

Yes! I made a montage! There were just too many to post separately. One of the COOLEST things was to meet up with two students (Sammie and Paula) from my online Fitted Shawl class! They had great things to say about the class, which is so awesome to hear in person! I really already felt like I knew them after having them in class for 3 weeks!

I also ran into Marly Bird, but didn’t get a dang picture!

Today is the first day of UPcycled Tshirt Yarn class, and we have 25 students! This is 5 times as many students as I usually teach here locally (I’ve said it before, this is a SMALL town) and it’s just a dream come true. As long as I’ve been creating things with my hands, I’ve dreamed of having a little shop with a classroom space and meeting other crafty people and developing a community.

AND…with the help of the internet…I can do that!

Here are a couple of photos of projects that we’ll make in the class:
UPcycled Tshirt Yarn Scarf

UPcycled Tshirt Yarn Wrap

We have a skylight in our living room that cast a pretty moody lighting today! I LOVE these pics! :) You can click on them to see more pictures in this set.