Making body butters and lotions in the kitchen

All of the people in my immediate family have red hair. We love it, but with it comes very sensitive skin. Especially on the kiddos.

This winter has been particularly bad for poor Mazie, whose hands have been so red and dry! Store-bought lotions burn for her, so we have been making our own!

I started this experiment with lotion bars back in June.

These use about 50% beeswax and 50% oil.

My Recipe:
8oz beeswax
8oz sweet almond, coconut, emu, (etc. – whatever you like)

I made some unscented for the kids, and also added some essential oils in a few. I put in a few drops of ginger and clove in one batch (root chakra!) and in the other I put in some Egyptian Musk.

Melt together in a double boiler and pout into molds. These can store in the freezer after they solidify to keep fresh.

These are great bars for after the shower, or to keep in a drawer at the office – they last forever.

For winter, I decided to try making body butter.

My recipe:
4 oz cocoa butter
3.5 oz coconut oil
.5 oz emu oil (this is not vegan!)
A few drops of various essential oils like rose hip and lavender

Melt in double boiler, chill 1 hour, whip.

I made two batches, one alone and one with the kids. The one with the kids is much softer — I let them put in their own oils, and they are very generous.

This has been a really fun experiment, and so much better for us than commercial lotions.

ETA: My sister just posted her recipe for DIY Cocoa-Rose Lotion Bars. These look SO yumy for the skin! One of my go-to resources is Crunchy Betty – if you are into making your own cosmetics and other DIY stuff, it’s worth a read!

New Pattern! Playtime Cardigan

This is a cute, simple little cardigan pattern that I designed around a few custom colors of Haikoo SimpliWorsted that I created for Craftsy recently.

Playtime Cardigan MazieThe yarns are on sale right now, so if you like them, it’s a good time to pick some up. (Click on the link above, and you’ll go right there.)

Craftsy Custom ColorsThese self-striping colors are based on the colors that Mazie and Olive love to wear. Mazie loves pink. Any and every shade of pink. I like this colorway, because it has her pink — but also a couple of nice neutrals to tone it down just a little bit.  Skacel did such a great job dyeing these, I really love how freeform the stripes are!

Playtime Mazie

Here’s Olive in her sweater, and holding a few skeins of the yarn that I used to make hers:

Playtime Olive

Olive loves pink, but is more open to wearing other colors as well.  She’s a really happy, vibrant little girl, so I designed her colorway to be really bright and fun.

The girls really love their sweaters – and think that it’s so cool that the yarn is really THEIRS.

The pattern is for sale both at Craftsy and on Ravelry.

Sizes:  Child’s 2 (4, 6, 8, 10)

Finished chest circumference: 22 (25, 27, 29, 31) inches / 56 (63.5, 68.5, 74, 79) cm

Yarn: 3(4, 4, 5, 6)skeins Skacel HiKoo SimpiWorsted • 55%
Merino Superwash 28%

If working with a self- striping colorway, consider purchasing an extra skein to match stripes for sleeves.

Needles: US 10 (6mm) 24” or longer circular needle, US10 (6mm) DPN, Long circ., etc. for sleeves, US 8 (5mm) 24” or longer circular needle, US8 (5mm) DPN, Long circ., etc. for sleeves

Notions: six to ten 3⁄4 to 1” buttons, darning needle, four stitch markers

Gauge: 20 stitches and 24 rows in 4 inches (10 cm)

Denver is an awesome town for family fun!

The last few weekends have just been awesome. Lots of Family Fun!


Here’s Olive at the Denver Mineral Show.

I studied mineralogy in school, so HAD to go to this event. We saw fossils and meteorites bought lots of beads to make jewelry. I’ve been studying the meanings and metaphysical properties of stones, and have collected a few that sounded interesting.

Moldavite, tiger’s eye, and rutilated quartz are some that I’ve recently gathered.

Here the girls and I are at the Denver Art Museum. They have lots of art activities for the kids to do while there.

This exhibit is interactive. The little dudes were drawn by a 3-year-old, and pressing various dials and sliding sliders make groups of them swirl and merge.



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Particularly uneventful moments

When I first started blogging in the late 1990s, I was hesitant to write very much. Who’d want to read MY thoughts about knitting? Then I started writing about EveRyThing, and in about 2007, I reeled myself back in. (Note the lack of old public archives here!)

Now I’m wishing I’d blogged more when the girls were babies. I found some cute videos of them on a hard drive, and we’ve been watching them. They really love seeing themselves as babies.

The pic in this post are from an average weeknight, on which we went to a very average Mexican restaurant on South Broadway. (All are from the iPhone, slightly edited.)

It’s the average, normal days that slip by unnoticed, so quickly. Here are some particularly uneventful moments from that dinner…

Mazie really wanted her photo taken with these parrots:

Mazie and Parrots

Olive and Nathan:


Me, as captured by Mazie:


Can you tell how proud I am of her for figuring out the camera?

Labor Day at Wash Park

I love long weekends. Just enough time to do the usual weekend stuff like grocery-getting and laundry, with a whole day left to hang with the wee peeps. We had a pretty fantastic day at the park, even with some mean kid throwing sand. I’m learning how to turn everything into a lesson…being kind is cool. Throwing stuff at other kids isn’t.