Clay and cocktails

Last weekend we went to the Arvada ceramics guild for a reception for the start of their new Kickstarter campaign. They’re raising money for a new salt kiln. The event was called Clay and Cocktails, and was a good time.


Our neighbors are longtime members, and it was awesome to hang out and see what the guild is all about.


I’ve taken a ceramics class, and was never able to master throwing pots. I have so much respect for the talent that it takes to work in clay!


(gratuitous Olive pic)



Nathan’s parents were here for the weekend, so this was a fun thing to all do together.


They do more than clay at the guild…they also work with metal clay, glass, and more. The next day we were all deep into fused glass jewelry:


I’ll share pics when our pieces have been fired. I’m so excited to see how mine came out!

Here’s a pair of earrings that Stacy gave me:

So cool!!