Lorna’s Laces Masham Worsted

When I was at TNNA in January, I saw many lovely things!

One of my favorites is the new Masham Worsted from Lorna’s Laces. Clara Parkes just wrote a very in-depth Masham Worsted review, so if you want to know more … check that out!

This has been one of my favorite new yarns to try – it knits up at a great gauge (I used US7s for my hats.) I love the way that it takes dye – with a beautiful marled effect.

I knit my two hanks up into two hats – one skein is the perfect amount for a perfect hat with a perfectly perfect pom-pom! (Pics coming soon!)

I’d love to have a Masham sweater!

ETA: here are a couple pics of one of the hats:



Madrona Fiber Arts – look who’s weaving!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Madrona for the first time!  Madrona is a really wonderful fiber arts festival in Tacoma, Washington. It’s one that every fiber instructor I’ve ever met loves to teach, and that the students adore, as well.  It’s really well-organized, feels very cozy, and really offers some fantastic fiber arts classes.

You know that I’ve been weaving up a storm lately – well, actually, since I haven’t blogged in months, you might not know that!  Anyway, at Madrona, I took two rigid heddle classes from Linda Gettman, who is a fantastic instructor.

I learned lots of new  lace stitches (weave patterns?) and how to create different weave structures like waffle weave in multiple colors. The images in this post are of a few of the new patterns I learned.  I can’t wait to incorporate them into my own weaving!

All of this weaving is done on my 15″ Schacht Cricket loom. It was easy to transport, and I was so glad to have it to use in my classes!

Blue Angel Shawl – new workshop on Craftsy!

Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy

Come join me for a knit along! I’m hosting the July knit-along on Craftsy.  We’re making the shawl that you see in these pics – my new Blue Angel Shawl.

This project will teach you some fun new skills and explain some things that you may have been doing in your knitting for years, but maybe haven’t really understood why. The workshop includes the pattern, along with in-depth instructions and high quality close-up photos of each step. Craftsy will send you one beautiful skein of Cascade Heritage yarn in Como Blue to complete the project. Plus, I will be responding to questions and providing help along the way.

With my guidance, knitters intermediate and above will be able to participate in and enjoy the workshop. Won’t you join the fun? Grab a tall iced tea, your favorite patio chair, and knit along with me!  Click here to join!

Note: this is not a video class, it’s a photo-based knit-along.

Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy

Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy


Blue Angel Shawl Workshop on Craftsy

Denver is an awesome town for family fun!

The last few weekends have just been awesome. Lots of Family Fun!


Here’s Olive at the Denver Mineral Show.

I studied mineralogy in school, so HAD to go to this event. We saw fossils and meteorites bought lots of beads to make jewelry. I’ve been studying the meanings and metaphysical properties of stones, and have collected a few that sounded interesting.

Moldavite, tiger’s eye, and rutilated quartz are some that I’ve recently gathered.

Here the girls and I are at the Denver Art Museum. They have lots of art activities for the kids to do while there.

This exhibit is interactive. The little dudes were drawn by a 3-year-old, and pressing various dials and sliding sliders make groups of them swirl and merge.



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A few TNNA pics

Usually I title this semi-annual post about the summer and winter trade show “TNNA wrap up” but I don’t have a ton to write about this one.

It was great to see everyone, and Craftsy threw a really fun event on Saturday.

Here’s one of my favorite pics from the whole weekend:


That’s my old knitting Yahoo Group buddy (yes, we were knitting together online pre-Ravelry!) Sarah Bible. Can you see what she’s wearing!? My first ever free pattern…the boobholder!! This pattern dates back to around 2003!

Here’s a blurry shot of Shirley Paden’s gorgeous dress on the fashion show runway:


And here’s one of a mysterious happening that you *might* have heard about on Twitter if you were tuned in on Friday night during the Yarn Thing dinner:


Look at this awesome goodie bag that Marly arranged:


Thank you, Hadaki, and all of Marly’s sponsors! Thank you, Knitty, for the darling project bag! Thank you TNNA for always being there and always inspiring me!