New Pattern Booklet: FOUR reversible scarves

Until now, three of these patterns have only been available in my scarf kits on Etsy…and now I’m combining them with the Reclamation scarf pattern into a booklet of four completely reversible scarf patterns.

All of the scarves look good from both the front AND the back, so you never need to worry about the tails flipping over while you wear them, or which side is the “right” side when you put them on.

I’m calling it “Back and Forth” because whichever side (back or front) of these scarves show, and whatever yarn / gauge / drape you choose, they look great!

Reversible scarves

(The scarf that didn’t make the cover is this one:)

…the model just didn’t have much life! :)


So anyway, that’s available now on Etsy, Ravelry, and in my own shop.

New Reversible Scarf kits in my Etsy shop

Southwest Sisters Yarns

100% bamboo, dk weight.

I finally had a chance to photo these today. I’m in the process of getting them all listed on Etsy.

These came to me as undyed 200 – 250 gram hanks, and I tried to split each one up into two manageable skeins. So almost all of them have an exact match.

Some are “sisters” and are the same dye lot, but are so different that I listed them individually.

I priced them according to weight, so whatever they actually weigh is taken into account.

Each kit comes with FOUR scarf patterns.

Sketch to Shirt: Analysis of the first swatch

This is a DK weight bamboo chain yarn that I dyed (the same stuff as in my Etsy shop).
checking the drape potential of the fabric

As well as needing to check my gauge, I want to see what the drape of this fabric will be like, and whether the colors would pool, so I cast on quite a few stitches for this swatch.

I can tell by gathering the fabric that it’ll be quite maliable and that this is exactly the gauge that I need for my top. It’s going to hold its shape, but will flow and be really smooth-looking.

closeup of potential yarn choice for the shirt I'm making
I also like the colors in the yarn, and I find that what minimal pooling there is really doesn’t look bad.

swatch of DK weight bamboo for a shirt

BUT. I’ve decided that as interesting as this yarn would be in a scarf like this:
Reclamation 4

…the colors aren’t what I need for my garment. The overall feel is too “cool” for me. I’ve got 3 more hanks of this yarn in this dark purple, and none of those have as much green. I’m going to swatch one of those and see if I like it better.

Last of the Bamboo is posted!

I’m posting the last batch of my inauguration day dyeing, “Color of Hope” bamboo on Etsy today…
This is the last batch of my inaguration-day dyeing.

And that’s the last you’ll hear about bamboo yarn from me for a while (whew!)

In case you’re not on her mailing list, I have a new Stitch Diva pattern out:

So far, it’s just a preview, and should be available soon.

In other news, things are really busy right now! I’ve got a book deadline on Sunday, and am working away on my Fall 09 Mission Falls stuff. Also lots of things percolating, of course.

In Mazie news, she has so many new teeth! She’s worked hard for them. We are all very, very tired.