OMG, I ordered eyeglasses ONLINE

Beige online frames


So, you must know that I spend a disproportionate amount of time online. And if you’re reading this, maybe you do, too! And if you’re at all like me, I also bet that you spend much of that online time looking for bargains!

As someone with a -350 prescription, I don’t scrimp on my eyes. I go faithfully every 2 years to get a new prescription for glasses and contacts, and I buy the best. Always. In recent history, I’ve spent as much as $600 on a pair of glasses, not including the exam. (I know there are some people who spend even more than that, but for me, that’s a chunka change!)

Somehow, yesterday I found this pool on Flickr called “” full of pictures of people with incredibly inexpensive glasses. You’ll recognize our own Carrieokie and her twin Cathy in a LOT of the pics.

That lead me to the blog Glassyeyes, and then to 4 or 5 discount, online glasses sites. I read reviews, I googled the heck out of this…and I decided to try it myself!!

I ordered two pairs, both with a 30-day no-risk trial period. As I was falling asleep last night, I realized that I had probably done the pupil-to-pupil measurement wrong (my mom just sort of did it with a ruler with me staring into her eyes) so I redid it and called both places today to change it. Got right through to customer service, and everything seems good.

I ordered both pairs above! Eek! I felt that since they were so inexpensive, (about $20 for the frames and $40 for the thinnest carbon lenses) I should be bold in my cheap choices! I’ll let you know what happens, for sure!! The beige pair should be here in the next 10 days, and the others…I’m not sure….2 weeks?

If this works out, I’m going to be the glasses-iest person you know! There are some reeeeeally funky frames out there on the internets! I saw polkadots, flames, stars, Clark Kents like the French girls are wearing… eep.

…the bargainhunting continues this afternoon, we are off to the outlet mall because someone at knitting last night told Mom about $5 Crocs there. She’s driving, I’m knitting!!