Big and Little Sister shirts and sweaters

Well, I managed to get the girls into their Big Sister / Little Sister shirts and sweaters last week, but somehow they didn’t get into any photos in them TOGETHER…

BUT, the shirts and sweaters (and especially the girls) are cute just the same.

Here’s Olive in her outfit:
Olive in her knit set

little sockie

little sister

…and here’s Mazie in hers (with Nate’s mom):
grandma j and big sister

The yarns are all Lorna’s Laces swirl. Olive’s is DK and Mazie’s is chunky. I’ve had lots of requests for the patterns, but as yet haven’t had a chance to write them. It’s on my to do list, though! So far the most complex task I’ve managed is showering. A c-section, a newborn, and a toddler will do that!

I’m also receiving several emails and Ravelry pms a week requesting an upsized version of the whirligig shrugWhirligig Shrug that I designed for the recent IK Weekend issue. I’ve requested permission from IK to create a version of the pattern with expanded sizing, and will let you know when it’s ok to release it. For now, though, it’s also been relegated to “The List.”

We're home from the hospital!

Olive in the hospital

Olive Beatrice Japel was born on February 15, 2010 at 8:14 am.
Weight: 7 lbs, 6 oz
Height: 20 inches

She has red hair and brown eyes and is just perfect! Click on any of these pics to go to the Flickr photoset.

Olive has hair

Mazie reading to Olive

Mazie is really interested in Olive and tells her “I love you” and gives her kisses, brings her toys, and reads to her! I couldn’t be happier with how the girls are getting along! I’m so amazed at how Mazie is just rolling with this…she really is excited to be a big sister and seems to totally understand what’s going on. (WHEW!)

Nathan’s parents are in town for a month to help out, and it’s been great having them! Mazie is really over the top with happiness right now! She gets to go to the circus tomorrow…what a lucky girl!

I'm officially on Maternity Leave!

Well, as much on leave as one can be while working from home, any way! I’ve just finished teaching two online classes to two wonderful groups of people. The Shawl Designers are finishing up their projects and getting patterns written and edited, and the “Fit your Knits” students are transforming any pattern you can think of into custom-fit knits! It was a really great month, thank you to all of my awesome students!

I’ll be posting the new spring schedule of classes in a couple of weeks. I want to make sure that we all settle back into daily life smoothly once Olive comes home from the hospital before setting all of the class dates. In the meantime, I’ve got two ongoing self-guided classes (UPcycled Tshirt Yarn Class and Fitted Raglan Shawl Class) that you can sign up for at any time.

Our new baby (who we have named Olive Beatrice) will be delivered on the 15th! SO we have exactly a week to nest and get everything all ready for her.
Here’s a little peek at some of what I’ve been working on:

I finished the Black and White quilt top:
Black and white quilt top

…and I”ve been making a few “Sisters” projects, too. Here are two little sweaters. I made the tiny one a few weeks ago, and recently finished a Big Sister one for Mazie. I love that the sweaters are similar but not identical…they share some traits but not all. And neither is overly saccharine / girly. I’d wear eitherone of these if it was in my size. (I contemplated making a Mom version, but would that be too much?)

The sister sweaters together

Both are Lorna’s Laces Swirl, one is Chunky and one is DK. Both are from Jimmy Beans .

A sweater for Mazie

I also made the girls matching tees:
Sister Tees

And even Daddy is doing a little last-minute nesting:
Coat of Paint!

…there are still some rooms that we’d meant to paint when we moved in, and that we KNOW we won’t get to for several months if we wait to do it. SO…he’s painting realllyquick this week.

Finding a little nesting time.

(note: I wrote this post at least a week ago and didn’t ever hit “publish.”)

Well. The baby’s coming February 15.

I’ve been finding a little nesting time in recent days, and have been focusing on getting Mazie’s room ready to welcome her sister home.

I hung up the quilt that Yahaira made:
Early morning pic of Yahaira's quilt

I did a little more to the curtains:

New curtains for the girls

Initially, they were just a blackout liner and simple, fold-top-and-seam one-layer curtains. Yesterday I added another strip of fabric to the hem of the blackouts to give a layered look and added tiebacks. The ties are sewn onto the blackout curtains, so that they stay put.

New curtains for the girls

I’ve also got plans for a black and white quilt, with pops of color:
Fabrics and rough plan for my black and white quilt

My general plan is to cut out a few squares and rectangles of the colored fabrics, border them in strips of alternating black / white with thin colored strips at random.

Then stitch them onto a largely white background that has some bright pop circles already appliqued. Then applique some circles on top, too.

Inspired by one of Mazie’s black and white baby books.

Other than that, I’ve been acquiring baby things and trying to streamline my own workspace. The easier it is to just come in and work, the more likely it is that I WILL come in and work. It was very repulsive for a while…
Workspace cleanup

But, I got it to the point that I can walk all the way in, use my very clean desk and even find things!
I can actually use my desk

SO, in between working really hard to finish up all of my work commitments before the 15th, I’ve been able to do a LITTLE nesting. Not as much as I WANT to do, but some.