TNNA – with photos!

I found some pictures of us at TNNA! (Gotta love Flickr!)

SO, I’ll post them here in case I ever want to look back and remember with fondness the year that my family went with me. (This may not happen again…)

OK, Here Olive and I are with Ysolda in her photobooth:
Ysolda had a great booth setup, as you’ve probably seen from other peoples’ photos. Really fun and inviting,with tea parties every day!

I put the rest of the photos in a gallery here, rather than download and re-upload them all to my own account.

Home Again!

I’ve been wanting to do a TNNA wrapup post, but I didn’t take any pictures!

I walked the floor every day with Olive in her little baby carrier, and she was really the main thing on my brain.

I looked at this TNNA as a chance to check in, see what’s new from the vendors, and say hey to my peeps. I did end up having several very enlightening conversations, doing a little wheelin’ and / or dealin’ and generally had a pleasant time.

Now, we’re back home and back to daily life.

I missed my Mazie SO MUCH!

Little Farmer!

New acquisitions! (yarn pron)

While we were in Missoula, my brother in law took me to the local yarn shop, Loopy. This is a really cute shop, with a great selection of yarns. I didn’t get a picture, but here’s their website. It wasn’t hard to find something to buy! I picked up 6 skeins of Mountain Colors River Twist in the colorway “Hotsprings.” I LOVE these colors!

Mountain Colors River Twist

The yarn is dyed / manufactured in Corvallis, MT, so it was a real local souvenir of the trip! The shop owner said that it’s difficult to get a reorder of this yarn, since it’s so labor intensive to make…so I totally scored!

You may be able to tell from my new glasses (see photos in my last post) that I like bright colors! Here’s Mazie inspecting my new yarn…she’s a little magpie, too! If it’s bright, sparkly, shiny, we like it!

(Also notice my Lexie Barnes “Darling” diaper bag! It goes EVERYWHERE with me. it’s such an upgrade from my old one. It has a shape and style that just make me feel like I’ve got Places to Go. LOVE it! Also: can’t say enough good things about Lexie herself. She is one inspiring businesswoman, mother, and just a great person.)

Mazie checking out my new yarn (Mountain Colors)

In other New Yarn News, I just got the first installment of the Bundles of Joy Yarn Club! The package included a huge skein of yarn, and a very cute cardigan pattern. It even came with the buttons, which I think is a really considerate touch!

Bundle of Joy, indeed!

I’ve never used the Dragonfly Fibers yarn before, and I’m excited to try it out! Again, the color couldn’t be better! This green will look great on my little redhead! :)

Back from Vacation! (A few pictures)

in the yard

We’ve been out of town!

And I didn’t tell you that we were going. A couple of years ago after we’d just moved back from Germany, we got a few phone calls from customers who’d found me in the phone book. After that, Nathan asked me not to publicly post when we’d all be gone from the house…because “you never know.” SO…every so often, I’ll be gone for a while and then tell you about some trip we’ve taken!

We took about a week to go visit Nathan’s brother Matt in Missoula, MT. it was SUCH a weather change for us! We’ve already been in the 100s here for temperature, and some days it didn’t go above 50 there! It was cloudy, a little drizzly, and we found it to be really refreshing!

One of the best things we did was go to the Farmers’ / People’s Market on Saturday. There are SO many vendors, lots of food and crafts…really cool. I bought both girls hats from this lady, Jackie Preiss:

Olive & me with the creator of "Jax hats"

I thought to bring Mazie a hoodie, but neither of the girls had hats along…so these were really cute and useful souvenirs. The hats are made of upcycled clothing. Really simple, but what a cute idea! Here’s her Etsy shop. Everywhere we went, people said, “Oh, you’ve got Jax Hats!” so they’re really a local “thing.” We did see lots of people wearing them!

Mazie playing with all those dogs

Matt bought a house a couple of years ago, and it has an irrigation canal running through the yard. This turned out to be incredibly fun for Mazie (and stress-inducing for her parents.) There were lots of dogs around, too…Mazie loved it!!

nate and mazie throwing rocks

We flew out of Phoenix, and stopped into see my friend Tracye. Tracye and I have been friends for THIRTY YEARS! We've been friends for THIRTY YEARS!She has 10-year old twins, and it was so fun to see our kids playing together. They were so good with Mazie!

Now we’re back home and back to the heat and back to work. It was 106.9 degrees here on Saturday! Nathan spent the weekend getting our swamp coolers running, so it’s nice and cool in the house…but Man. It’s HOT outside! Some of the plants outside are just flat out giving up the ghost! Most are ok, though, because I’ve tried to plant local, drought tolerant stuff. And the garden is looking awesome, thanks to our little farmer:


This was actually taken before we left, and things are even bigger now. I think we’ll have lots of melons, tomatoes, and peppers! The beans also look really strong. The carrots died, the bugs are in the lettuce, the radishes didn’t make it, but we might have a few broccoli and a couple cucumbers. It’s a good experiment to see what REALLY tolerates zone 8/9. (And what tolerates the level of attention we’re willing & able to give it!)

A few late night textures

So last night I was up late working and took a few photos around the studio.

When I first started blogging (1999) I was up late a lot and most of my blog photos looked like these, with their yellowish tint. Nowadays, the standard for blog photos is so high that I rarely post my late night pics any more. I try to wait for good light. BUT…now that my hands are full most of the day, you’ll probably see more of these hazy midnight ones.

My friend Karen aka “Chooch” or “ChooChooknits” worked on this piece and it’s GORGEOUS. The yarn is Cascade 220 tweed, one of my favorite all-around yarns:Sort of a potential sneak peek?

Teeny tiny picots knit in KnitPicks Simply Cotton Organic Sport:

Little picots

I love this little sweater. It’s so feminine, but the color keeps it from being overly sweet. It’s one that a mom would want to wear, too!

And, lastly, here’s a solid color version of my Feisty pattern, knit by my friend Sue. The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted. I just LOVE this cable pattern. Something about it just makes me want to get lost in it. A dark blue Feisty knit by my friend Sue

Sue finished this before Olive was born, and I think Olive will make a great model for it this fall!

A lot of my first sweaters were done mostly in stockinette, because I was more concentrated on working the overall design and the overall shape of the sweater itself. I’d get an idea for a garment construction or certain shape and then race to see how it’d work out. Now, I’m thinking more and more about textures, overall stitch patterns, and how they are worked at and around the raglan and body shaping. I think that all of that early practice in sort of blank – slate knits has trained me to be able to know ahead of time how the overall structure will work, so that now I’m adding in more detail.

It’s interesting what a growth process it is. AND, designing the shawls that I’ve done recently has really helped me to see how motifs work at the raglan. How to start at the neckline with a certain number of stitches, and gracefully add lace or cable motifs in as I increase to create the sleeve / body.