My name is Stefanie Japel. I learned to knit over 30 years ago from my grandmother. I’ve been designing knitwear for publication since my first pattern “Postmodern Legwarmers” appeared on Knitty.com in 2003. Since then, I’ve written three books and my work has appeared on television, in books, magazines, and on the web. I love to teach in-person workshops, and also teach classes on the amazing online craft site Craftsy.com

Here’s a recent interview that I did with Petite Purls Magazine for their Renaissance Moms series.

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  1. Hi..you have a lovely family. Just wanted to ask about your soaker pattern. It says to start with one stitch and then add a stitch at either end every other row. But the when it comes time for the ribbing…the 2×2…isn’t that leaving you with an extra stitch at the end? I had odd number of stitches on the needle. Start with one..add two gave me three and then five, etc., etc. Did I do something wrong? I’m making the soaker for a teddy bear that I knitted. Hope it fits him. Thanks for the pattern. Love the ruffles!

  2. It’s not a big deal if you have an extra stitch at the end…you can use it in the little seam up the front. Thanks for reading!

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