Sonya Philip at Fancy Tiger

This happened a few weeks ago, and somehow I’m just now posting about it!

Sonya Philip talk at Fancy Tiger

Here’s Sonya Philip at Fancy Tiger Crafts talking about her 100 dresses project, in which she’s making … 100 dresses! Some are of recycled / repurposed fabrics, and all speak to the empowerment that one feels when taking charge and making one’s own clothing. (We knitters can get behind THAT!)

Sonya Philip talk at Fancy Tiger

I met Sonya at Makerfaire SF earlier this year, and had that feeling you get when you think you know somebody, but it turns out that you don’t, but you SHOULD.  (Maybe we were close in a past life!)  Here we are in the sewing room with Sonya and Bronwyn the Awesome.

Sonya Philip talk at Fancy Tiger

Olive and The Patterns.  (The Patterns!!!!!!!!)

Sonya Philip talk at Fancy Tiger

Mazie taking Sonya’s photo with her camera.  She’s got a Vtech Kidizoom Camera
that she takes everywhere and uses to record her life.  Here’s the one that we have:

We ended the evening at El Diablo for dinner:

Sisters dancing after dinner

One thought on “Sonya Philip at Fancy Tiger

  1. Stefanie, I know that feeling! And I’m so glad that we did meet and also that you came out to Fancy Tiger. I love that photo of Mazie taking my photo! Thank you so much for writing about the project.

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