Particularly uneventful moments

When I first started blogging in the late 1990s, I was hesitant to write very much. Who’d want to read MY thoughts about knitting? Then I started writing about EveRyThing, and in about 2007, I reeled myself back in. (Note the lack of old public archives here!)

Now I’m wishing I’d blogged more when the girls were babies. I found some cute videos of them on a hard drive, and we’ve been watching them. They really love seeing themselves as babies.

The pic in this post are from an average weeknight, on which we went to a very average Mexican restaurant on South Broadway. (All are from the iPhone, slightly edited.)

It’s the average, normal days that slip by unnoticed, so quickly. Here are some particularly uneventful moments from that dinner…

Mazie really wanted her photo taken with these parrots:

Mazie and Parrots

Olive and Nathan:


Me, as captured by Mazie:


Can you tell how proud I am of her for figuring out the camera?

3 thoughts on “Particularly uneventful moments

  1. I wish I had kept a journal when my children were young. (No blogs in those days.) I thought I’d remember forever the adorable things they said and did, but now, sadly, I have to admit that I have trouble remembering who said what. I’m sure I’ve forgotten so much.

    Don’t worry about inundating others with stories and pictures of your girls. If people are not interested, they’ll skip those posts, and just read your knitting posts. I’d bet that more will enjoy them than you suspect, though.

  2. Stefanie, I’ve been following you since about 2004 or whenever I figured out there were knitblogs. I never felt like you blogged too much personal stuff but of course your comfort level is what matters. I loved then and love now your sharp sense of personal style ( a crazy brilliant scientist living in Germany and with great tats!). Wish those archives were still around, in that sense. Anyway, your post reminds me of a tenet of happiness Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project, came up with as a way to keep her own happiness on track, to wit: The days are long but the years are short. And to guide herself ( and her momhood with two kids and husband) accordingly. If you haven’t yet read her, you might enjoy her books. Thanks for keeping this window on your world open.

  3. What a fabulous portrait Mazie took of you. I think she’s got a future career as a portrait photographer! I’ve been reading your blog for quite a few years and you simply can’t post too many photos of your beautiful girls. I’ve loved seeing them grow. And talk about them all you like. Reading about knitting is fun, but don’t you know that kids and puppies are always the biggest draw? :)

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