Once in a blue moon…

This full moon (August 31) is a biggie! Did you see it last night? So big, bright, and low in the sky? Whenever the moon is full I have trouble sleeping. I’m not sure if it’s the extra light in the room, or because of some serious Astrological forces going on.

“A full moon shines over Amman, the capital of Jordan, on Aug. 31.”
Muhammad Hamed / Reuters

Here’s a wonderful article about blue moons, with lots of glorious images. “The interplay of the lunar and solar calendars dictates that a blue moon should occur, on average, every 2.7 years.” Wow. No wonder this was an intense one!

Extra restless, extra emo. Was happy to snugggle up last night with my little family. Happy to have a long weekend to keep snugglin’!

My oldest daughter, Mazie, has always loved the moon. As soon as she was able to find it in the sky, she found it essential to find it every time she went outside. And now our youngest, Olive, does the same. There’s something so amazing about it. Even babies are mesmerized.

2 thoughts on “Once in a blue moon…

  1. That moon was amazing. I cannot sleep on the full moon – and generally the night before. I don’t think it’s about the light. I think it’s something else.

  2. Nobody in our family cold get to sleep at all, even lat night! I agree with you…it’s more than just the light!

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