I love fall: events, exhibits, and thrift – shopping!

Hey Guys! This is one of those times the year that everything is happening at once! Do you feel that way, too?

Mazie starting school seemed to have kicked off the fall events! We’ve been running from gallery opening to museum exhibit, to party to outdoor concert

a fall concert
…and loving every second of it! The Pompeii exhibit at the Denver Natural History Museum is really good, if you get a chance to check it out! Here’s an old pic of me and my mom in Pompeii. I’m not sure who I was channeling that day, but I’m looking pretty preppy! I was about to finish my first post-doctoral fellowship and was looking for jobs…that must have been it.


By the way, I wouldn’t do this now, but in Pompeii, you can just touch stuff from before 79 AD.  Eek.


I can’t wait to take Mazie and Olive to see that in person. I hope they can still walk through those streets and see everything up close.

But, I digress. This post is about what we did this weekend, and one of my favorite things things that we did was to go thrift shopping. I’ve always loved this. My dad would sometimes take us thrift shopping when we were kids, and I have always loved digging through the racks. I love how thrift shops are oftentimes a little bit dark, too. It adds to that feeling that we’re really digging through history when shopping there. Like going through some cool old aunt’s closet.

Here’s what I found this weekend:

Today's thrift store finds

This is a Shaker knit, shetland wool cardigan coat that I found for $8.99:

Thrift store find: 100% Shetland wool shaker knit sweater.

Another Shaker knit Shetland wool sweater, this one with suede elbow patches ($4.99)

Elbow patches

This wool jacket is handwoven (churro?) and hand embellished and finished. Gorgerous! ($5.99)

thrift store find: hand woven jacket

…and there were a few more sweaters, most hand – knit. Great haul!

Making dichroic glass jewelry at home

Remember my post about the Arvada Pottery Guild? The one where we were making out own glass pendants and earrings?

They’re done!

Here some of them are before going into the kiln




And here they are all loaded up in the kiln in Stacy’s garage:


And here are the finished pieces!

I’ll take better pics later, but couldn’t wait to show you how they came out!!




Schooly Tee: my pattern for the 10th anniversary issue of KNITTY!

Presenting theSchooly Tee Free pattern!

Schooly Tee

Schooly Tee

It’s such an honor the bart of the 10th anniversary of online knitting magazine Knitty.com!!  They published my first pattern (Postmodern Legwarmers) in 2003, and have been great friends to my designs ever since!

Schooly Tee

The yarn is the ever-popular Miss Babs Yowza! Whatta Skein.  If you haven’t tried this yarn, you shold consider it for your next light-worsted project, it’s bouncy, doesn’t pill, and is so gorgeous.  Check out all of the colors on the website!

I also knit a version of the sweater in Lorna’s Laces Honor…because I know that you guys like to substitute yarns, and I wanted to see how such a dramatic change would affect the drape, fit, etc.  It’s awesome:

Schooly Tee

The Schooly Tee is named after a rapper that we used to listen to in the dorm, Schoolly D.
When I was finsihing up the pattern, we were getting Mazie ready to start school, and this just popped into my head.

The pics are by local photographer, Karen Juliano.  Fabulous photographer and all-around great person.

We took a few goof-around photos here at home, too:

Schooly Tee

Schooly Tee

41st birthday recap: Domo and the Buckhorn

I don’t think that I could have chosen two more opposite venues for a birthday celebration if I’d have tried!

We’ve become good friends with our next door neighbors. They have a 4-year old who is awesome and gets along with our kids. We have a lot in common, so it’s super easy and effortless to hang out a lot.

For my birthday, we took all the kids to a babysitter and went out. I don’t get out that much, so took lots of pics.

We started out at Domo, a fantastic Japanese restaurant. If you haven’t been, GO. You’ll love it. Outdoor garden with fire, amazing ambience, cool antiques, and functioning dojo.

At Domo Denver




We then went to Denver’s oldest tavern, the Buckhorn Exchange. Also an amazing place with tons of ambience!

I’m so happy to be 41 (and no longer 40!) and know that this is going to be my best year yet!!