Surfer Tee progress…how to separate the sleeves

I haven’t knit a sweater for myself in a while! I’m excited to have this one in my size. I think that I may just have a chance to wear it if I can get it finished up in the next few days.

Last night I stayed up knitting until I finished the yoke.

Surfer Tee in progress

The first couple of rows are pretty easy. They set up the increase structure and the simple lace repeat for the front details.

Next, you’re instructed to repeat the last 2 rows a certain number of times. This does mean to repeat them x more times, ending with a WS row (ready to work a RS row.)

In the above photo, I’ve worked through all of the increase rows and have started the Separate Sleeves and Join the Body section.

Surfer Tee in progress

Here, I’m using a darning needle and length of yarn recycled from my swatch to put the second sleeve on waste yarn.

Surfer Tee in progress

I’m ready to knit around to the second front, and start working in the round.

How are your Surfer Tees coming??

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