Carol Feller: Scrumptious designer of Scrumptious Knits

I’m today’s stop on Carol Feller‘s book release blog tour!  Carol, knitwear designer, and author of Contemporary Irish Knits stopped by today to tell us all about her design process for her new Scrumptious Knits collection. I love hearing how these gorgeous knits came into being, and you will, too!  Read on to learn more about Carol’s creative process and to win a PDF copy of the book for yourself!


Carol Says: For me, creating a collection of patterns is a very organic process.  When I began working on the Scrumptious Knits book, I did not start out with a fully formed theme in mind.  However, as I began sketching and fitting various design ideas together with the yarns, the concept for the collection quickly began to take shape.  The smooth, shimmering qualities of the silk really dominated my design process and the general aesthetic of the collection.   I wanted to create a sleek, elegant collection that showed both the stitches and the yarn to their full advantage.

In all of the designs I wanted to keep the lines clean, accented with single, visually striking details.  Below, I give you a little overview of each design, and how I envisioned it.


Ignus (in photo above) is a top down cowled tunic with the body knit in stockinette stitch. However, the body is complemented by side panels of ribbing which have a cable pattern running through them.  The large cowl neck really creates the finishing touch for the tunic and balances out the length.

Bakersville is a hooded cardigan in sports weight yarn with diagonal ribbing as the primary design feature.  I designed this hoodie to be a very wearable piece for those in-between seasons.  Personally, it’s probably the piece I’d get the most use out of (I’ve even knit a second one to use myself!)  The construction method used for this cardigan, top down with seamless set in sleeves, is also one of my favourites.

The third garment in this collection is Taupo.  Several years ago I designed a vest with the same basic construction techniques used here.  It begins with a provisional cast on at the center of the back, then short rows are worked to create a-line shaped hips and finally short rows shape the capped sleeves.  It’s an amazing top to knit if you want to learn or improve your short rows technique, and the finished piece is really flattering for many different body types.  I’ve added some subtle pattern details to this vest, using Trinity Stitch, which really emphasises the short row shaping.

The remaining pieces in this collection are all accessories.  The Haruna hat and glove set are all about the subtle, simple details.  The hat is a flapper style hat that uses short rows (yes again!) and gathers on one side to create an asymmetric brim.  The garter brim is continued up along the side of the hat with some fun faux bobble ‘buttons’ running up it.  The gloves were created to complete the set with the same wrist gather and bobble ‘buttons’ up the side.  The simple details combined with a single point of visual emphasis works really well with a yarn that can shine in its own right.

The final two accessories are the Flama shawl and the Vesuvius cowl.  The shawl is a rectangular shawl worked with a garter stitch base.  The central lace section is decreased as you work until you reach the top.  I’ve shown some subtle beading details at the edge that give extra sparkle and weight to the piece.  The final accessory, Vesuvius, is a simple loosely knit cowl.  It is perfect for modifying just by increasing or decreasing the number of repeats.  Thanks to the super softness of the yarn it is a complete dream to wear!

SO! Wouldn’t you love to win a copy of Carol’s new pattern collection?  All you have to do is comment below, telling us which is your favorite of these patterns and why.

The winner will be chosen next week by random number generator.

106 thoughts on “Carol Feller: Scrumptious designer of Scrumptious Knits

  1. I love the red Taupo. It would make a cute spring cardi. I am very into everything spring right now. :-) I also like the blue cover pullover. :)

  2. These designs are beautiful. I love the simplicity and the yarns look beautiful as well.

  3. Those certainly are scrumptious knits! I think I like Taupo the best – my office is frequently chilly, even in the summer, so I always have some kind of vest or cardigan at work to throw on and this would be lovely!

  4. I would love to knit Taupo. It looks like a very comfy sweater I could throw on if I need to go somewhere and it goes great with jeans or slacks.

  5. I think Ignus (tho I love Baskerville too). Ignus has just the right amount of cables without overwhelming the garment.

  6. Wow. Stunning! I’m not usually a vest person but I do love that Taupo. It opens me up to a new short-sleeve style. And those cables in Ignus blow me away. Congratulations to Carol for a winner of a book. And thank you, Stefanie, for the giveaway!

  7. All beautiful pieces, but I really like Taupo. The piece looks so flattering, and very versatile.

  8. I really like the all, but Taupo definitely jumped out it me. I think it would be super flattering to wear.

  9. I fell in love with Ignus the second I saw its picture! But the Bakersville hoodie and Taupo are both gorgeous, too. Clearly this is a collection I need to knit!

  10. I love the colors she uses. The Bakersville hoodie is my favorite with Ignus a close 2nd!

  11. I like all the pieces but I like the top down hoodie the best. It looks super-versatile.

  12. I loved the look of all of the garments but I particularly loved Haruna because the pattern looks a bit like a dragonfly, and I love hats that are mostly simple with a twist.

  13. The Taupo cardigan is really pretty – and fits in with my objective of trying new shapes of sweaters :)

  14. I absolutely love the Bakersville hoody, it’s a timeless classic and very wearable,I would love to knit one.

  15. All of the designs are lovely but my favorites are the Haruna hat and glove set. They just look so romantic and girly. I love them!

  16. What a great collection of patterns! I already queued Taupo but I’m not sure my butt will support the split in the cable back there :P Modification might be required! Still want to acquire this book!

  17. I really love the Bakersfield Hoodie. The diagonal features really make the piece stand out. Love it!

  18. My favourite would be Ignus – I love the cables and how they are worked in as eye catchers. I also think the colour makes it a real outstanding piece.

    Still would knit properly all items if I had the time.

  19. Definitely the Bakersville hoodie. I love top down knitting and I love hoodies!

  20. Got to be ignus – it’s the little details that you know will make it a properly stylish garment
    And I love scrumptious to the point I would happily knit for ever with it
    So soft and shiny
    Lovely collection x

  21. Taupo … I live in the desert and vests are wonderful for chilly days … that one has style ! Can’t wait to knit it !

  22. I’m loving cowl neck sweaters and Ignus is just that! The cabling along the sides adds a nice touch; not too much. These are all wonderful knits.

  23. Wow! What to knit first? Maybe Taupo, absolutely beautiful! Then again, I could use a hoodie…

  24. i would love to give some of the acessesories go having done carols centrique a few times i know they should knit up no problems.this collection is truley scrumptious. cant wait.

  25. I’m really intrigued by Taupo; while I’ve not done lots of short rows (which would give me lots of practice) I just love the silhouette. It’s lovely! I also think the Flama shawl would be a great piece to throw on and go. The nice thing is that one book contains all! Fabulous.

  26. What beautiful details, especially in the first pictured, the Ignus. My favorite, however, would be the Bakersville, a hoodie in sportweight. Just what I need to make.

    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to Carol on a lovely collection.

  27. I have made one of Carol’s patterns and adore it. These all look exciting, gorgeous and fun to make–especially Taupo. Would love to win!

  28. I’d love to knit Haruna for my daughters who live in Chicago and ride the bus or the el daily, where a fashionable winter hat is always appreciated!

  29. Flama garter & lace shawl is my favorite!! Love the color and is a perfect pattern / project for this season. Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Wow, all of these patterns are winners! Each one is gorgeous but I think I was struck most by the Haruna set. I love the idea of using bobbles as “buttons”! Thank you for the overview of the design process. :)

  31. All 3 of my daughters will look fabulous in the Bakersville Hoodie. I’d better stock up on yarn.

  32. I am torn between 2 favorites: 1 for my eldest daughter and myself – the hoodie – and the Haruna gloves and hat for my youngest. The items fit with our personalities to a “T”. I would love, love, love to have a copy to make these items!

  33. wow, what a sweet collection! i love the baskerville hoodie. I have some local millspun wool yarn that would love to be knit up into that!!

  34. I love Taupo! As a FL knitter I’m always on the lookout for climate-appropriate knitwear, and as a 12-14 petite, I’m always on the lookout for vertical lines – the details on this cardi are beautiful, and they draw focus to the center – just what I need!

  35. I like Ignus best – love the cables and I’m generally a fan of snugly tunics. But Taupo is also very interesting – I just got into shaping with short rows and it’s an amazing technique. Colors of Taupo, Ignus and Flama on those photos are fantastic, I love rich colors!

  36. I love the Bakersville Hoodie, so wearable, so cute! I would definitely get a lot of use out of that piece!

  37. I’m going through a bead obsession now, so Flama is the fave of the moment, although they all look great!

  38. I already own Contemporary Irish Knits from Carol Feller and I just love her designs! From this collection, the Taupo Cardigan really strikes a cord with me. I love the unusual construction, and this would be a piece perfect for layering or just as is!
    Thank you for the give-away, greetings from France

  39. I love the garter and lace shawl, its simple, and elegant and would showcase a beautiful yarn!

  40. I’m really loving Taupo. The edging is beautiful and I like the cap sleeve for spring. I wear vests of this sort a lot so it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

  41. Why yes, I *would* love to win a copy of @stolenstitches new collection. Hmm, favorite one? I guess I’d say Bakersville, because it’s beautiful and looks like something I would wear a lot. But also the Haruna hat and matching gloves, for the sheer cleverness of the design! Hope I win. :). — Cathy (yarnstruck)

  42. I’m torn between Ignus and Bakersville! Probably Bakersville, it fits in best with my style and would go really well with my other clothes.

  43. My favorite is the Taupo cardigan, but it isn’t like something I’d usually wear. The Bakersville is the one I’d make to wear.

  44. I LOVE all things hoodie! So, no surprise, the Baskerville is my favorite. But I also like the diagonal ribbing – it adds a certain pop to the sweater.

  45. I love the Ignus tunic; its simple lines are accented exactly the right amount by the ribbing, the cowl, and the cable pattern. I especially like the little references to the cable in the hip ribbing and the cowl.

  46. Picking a favorite is pretty hard. I love all the sweaters, but I think I’ll go with the Haruna hat & gloves. I see the gathers as a dragonfly – a very pretty detail!

  47. Bakersville Hoodie combines west coast casual sensibilities with east coast details….I love it and want to make it.

  48. I’m really attracted to the Taupo cardigan, the color, the design, the stitch pattern. I’d also love to work on my short row skills, and this looks like a great project to practice them and finish a great garment. However, the whole collection looks scrumptious.

  49. Love it! Love it! Love. It. I was just talking with the Lantern Moon rep this week about this amazing collection showcasing their yarn—he especially loves the cover tunic. Thanks for the chance to sample more of Carol’s designs.

  50. I’d do the flama shawl, although I’d probably choose a different color. I like that open mesh, nice for this time of year when the weather is so unpredictable.

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  52. Ignus would have to be my favourite. Top down, cowl & cables make an awesome combination. I love the colour chosen

  53. My favorite is the taupo cardigan. I like the style and think I would get a lot of use out of it. I also like the color of the yarn used. Red is one of my favorites!

  54. I absolutely love Bakersville – perfect layering piece, something I could keep with me all the time for a natural chill in the air, or the crazy cold air conditioning here in the summer!

  55. Hard to choose, but I think my favorite is Bakersville – love the diagonal pattern.

  56. I would love to knit the Taupo cardigan. I love the length and the stitch pattern on the border.

  57. I like the turtleneck the best because I think it would look the best on me right now as I’m a little “thick”. Yikes!

  58. The Baskerville hoody is my favorite, but I could knit all of them! Love the hat, too.

  59. I really like the Taupo cardigan because I like cardigans, you can never have 2 many. Also I like Lake Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand.

  60. The Bakersville is my very favorite. It is wearable, looks great, has traditional details and a modern look. It is great as it is!
    Thanks for the giveaway, if I win, I’ll have a nice cardi very soon …

  61. Hi Margaret! You’ve won Carol’s book! Email me at stefanie dot japel at gmail dot com to tell me where to send it! :)

  62. Taupo Cardigan is definitely a favorite of mine! I would enjoy knitting this as it doesnt have the confinement of buttons and seems to flow and lay nicely! It is a sort of vest too and a quicker knit without the long sleeves! Great for chilly evenings! I am a big fan of Carol Fuller’s irish knits too!

  63. Sorry Carol I spelled your name wrong! :( I know its Feller! But, it is 12:20 AM and I am cross eyed reading knitting blogs!! <3 Forgive me!

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