TGV and Anzula make for a perfect late night knit!

Anzula TGV

Woo Hoo! I just blocked my TGV. I used Anzula Squishy and US 5s. It’s so awesome! The pattern is really simple, and great for those nights when I’m just awake enough for an episode or two of a favorite show on Netflix, but not up for anything too complex.



The yarn is a gorgeous shade of orange. It’s so soft and squishy, and feels great. I wore it on Saturday with a gray tunic & black leggings. It was the perfect pop.


Mazie and the TGV


Mazie helped me take my pics, and found some flowers! She’s at such a fun age…so smart and really trying to be helpful.  She’s amazing!



Here’s the scarf before blocking.  It’s got a totally different shape than after.  Look at how squishy that Squishy is!!



2 thoughts on “TGV and Anzula make for a perfect late night knit!

  1. Wow, that blocked out really nicely. Just looking at the unblocked piece, I wouldn’t have expected it to block out so well. It looks like ribbing that would have pulled back in. Looks great. I love the color too. Bright and cheery.

  2. I feel like this entry should alternately be titled “Why You Should Block.” What a difference after blocking!

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