I made a light box with RadMegan!

This afternoon was super rad, thanks to RadMegan’s DIY lightbox class at Craftcation!

I made the coolest, cheapest lightbox ever!

Here everyone is working on their boxes:


And here’s how mine worked. This is the object in full sun, outside the lightbox:


See how it’s super shadowy and hard to tell what it is?

Here’s the difference that the light box made:


Still not an awesome picture, this was all just with my phone, but the glare is cut way down, the background is soft… Definitely worth exploring more!

Hello from Craftcation!

Hi Everyone! I’m writing from an amazing event called Craftcation in Ventura, California. I’m here with my colleague Emily from Craftsy and we are having a great time and meeting lots of awesome makers.

Here’s the view from my hotel room in one direction:

And from the other direction:

It’s foggy, but that just intensifies the colors in a cool way.

I’m writing this post from my PHONE! (I learned how in my Craftcation class with Se Reed on WordPress.)

Ok! More soon!