23 thoughts on “Mazie and Olive’s new sweaters!

  1. Awww, they’re so precious! And I love their new sweaters!!! You are so talented. :-D

  2. And…i got cut off before I finished my comment. Im bad about accidentally pushing the wrong thing. I think your little ladies are so adorable. I like that you are always creating. It just frees the my soul to make things too. Thank you for always sharing your talents.

  3. The sweaters and the girls are adorable! So great to finally meet you today at Stitches. Keep up the great design work, and count me in for a Shapely Boyfriend kal.

  4. Hi, Really cute sweaters. Is this pattern one of yours or could you tell me where to find it. I love Knitpicks yarns and patterns. I have an almost 2 yr. old granddaughter with a birthday in late May. This would make a great gift.

  5. Your wee girls are adorable. Don’t you love having tea parties with them?
    Are you going to publish the sweater pattern? Is it available anywhere?
    I recently purchased a pattern of yours from Ravelry. Wonderful designs.

  6. Hi Guys! This pattern is from my forthcoming book, “Mom & Me Knits” from Chronicle books. I’ll have more fun info soon! :) I’m so glad that you like the pattern…it’s so easy and the girls like it, too. I do like the KP Brava yarn, so far, no pills! :)

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