Icelandic sweater in progress!

Working at Craftsy definitely has its perks. One of which is getting to help create the great classes, and then TAKE them!

I’ve taken Craftsy classes on cake decorating, sewing, jewelry making, but as you can guess, my favorites are the online knitting classes.

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 9.58.24 AM

My most recent adventure has been with Ragga Eiriksdottir, in her Top Down Icelandic Sweater class.

Icelandic 1

I’m planning to take the class again and make the sweater from kit along with my friend Grace (Craftsy’s Acquisitions Editor for the Cake classes.) This time, for practice, I used yarn from my stash. I chose Green Mountain Spinnery Wonderfully Wooly in Natural Dark for the base, with Lichen for CC1. My CC2 is a bit of pink Imperial Stock Ranch worsted. Part of the yarn decision making process is finding a “sticky” yarn – one that will not come un-knit in the steeks. (You couldn’t use a silky merino or alpaca, for example.)

Hmm, the color work is a bit tight. Hoping it'll block out ok. Instinct is screaming at me to stop knitting, steam it, see how it looks before going on. There's another part of my brain screaming that surely it'll be Fine, and to keep knitting the body.

The color work seems a bit tight, I think because I was trying to knit too few sts on too long a needle and the tension was wonky…but I was able to put the whole thing on scrap yarn and try it on.  It’s going to be A-ok!

I’ll post updates as I have them!

Home from the Holidays!

We had a great time in Sioux City with our family over Christmas!

Christmas Eve.

Nathan’s dad has had some terrible health issues of late, and has come through remarkably well … AGAIN! It was such a joy to get to spend Christmas with the Japel crew.

Mazie and Olive got to spend some QT together, snuggling on the couch with snacks, princes movies, and historical afghans:

Snuggle bunnies! Cheese and cracker lunch under the afghan.

Having fewer people home this year meant lots of Grandma cuddles!

Grandma cuddles.

Nathan’s family open presents on Christmas Eve…that was a hard day to get through (patience isn’t a toddler strong suit!) but they did a great job!

Olive and Mazie with Grandma's tree



Lorna’s Laces Craftsy Custom Color Yarns

**NOTE: This Craftsy deal has now expired, and the pattern is no longer included free with yarn purchase.**
OK, are you ready?
So, yesterday you saw the inspiration photos that we sent to Amanda for inspiration for the latest installment of the Craftsy Custom Colors series…and here’s what she magically came up with:
I just LOVE how this one captures the multiple pinks that my daughters wear and combines them with the purple and turquoise of their cowgirl boots!  So amazing!  And, check out the photos below to see just how wearably this knits up!
This colorway pulls the golds and brights of their strawberry blond hair!  I LOVE this!  I’ve made a cowl for myself (see below) and it goes SO WELL with my complexion.  I think that this will really compliment lots of skin tones / hair colors!
This is the colorway that Amanda developed after looking at the photo of Mazie’s My Little Pony housing complex!  I absolutely adore this!  It’s bright, fun, and just the perfect compliment to a dark outfit.
You can buy all of these yarns at Craftsy now, for 33% off the regular price (click on the photos above.)  AND each purchase comes with a free copy of my “Sharing” Cowl Collection!  (The pattern will be automatically sent to your Craftsy account.)
Here are some images of how the various yarns knit up:
Here’s a pic of my mom with Olive and Mazie in Version 2 of the pattern…a longer, skinier infinity cowl.
 Here’s me in Version 1, a standard – size cowl.
This swatch shows how all of the colorways knit up.  Just so – so – SO pretty!
Version 3 is a child’s size, which is skinnier, but same circumference as the standard cowl, and you can make TWO with one skein of yarn!
Here I am on location for the photo shoot in gorgeous Jackson Hole, WY!
**NOTE: This Craftsy deal has now expired, and the pattern is no longer included free with yarn purchase.**