Holy Cow! I’m crocheting

As you may remember from this oversized free-form piece, I’ve dabbled a bit in crochet.

My Ravelry projects page reflects a bit of crochety-ness, too.  I made a few blankies for Mazie like this one, just experimenting with form & shape & how the stitches can be used to create curves.

The blanket is actually photographed on top of a crochet rag rug, too!

This time, I’m taking some fun  online crochet classes from Vickie Howell and Linda Permann on Craftsy!  So far, I’ve made a whole pile of cute granny squares AND a cool chunky cowl using what I’ve learned.

My main goal is to learn to read patterns well enough to add cute trims to my sweaters and maybe even start experimenting with crochet design (at some point in the far – far future.)