Oh my Gosh I have a JOB

Just in case you’ve noticed that I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks…this is why.

I just signed on as Manager of Marketing and Community forĀ  Craftsy.com, where I teach my online How to Fit Your Knits course!

(If you sign up for the course through my blog, you can take it for only $25.)



8 thoughts on “Oh my Gosh I have a JOB

  1. Fantastic! Will you be adding other classes? I’m so thrilled for you…the next chapter in the Stafanie Japel story!!

  2. Definitely a new chapter!!

    I’m going up next week to tape two new classes:

    Circular Knitting
    Fitted Sweater

    Exciting! :)

  3. WOO HOO Stefanie!! Let me know if your new job means you’re looking for someone to teach knitting with art yarn & handspun yarn techniques! :) Actually, I’m very excited for you and think you really got this whole idea of online classes morphed into an accepted norm for the knitting world! Another WOO HOO!!!

  4. Congratulations Stefanie (Japel, rhymes with chapel)! Sounds like something right up your alley.


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