Little Crochet by Linda Permann

Oh you GUYS! The cutest little book has just entered my life!

Little Crochet: Modern Designs for Babies and Toddlers

You might remember my review of Linda’s other book, Crochet Adorned in which I vowed to learn to crochet well enough to make a tank with a crochet trim at the top. Well. I haven’t. BUT now that Linda’s created the pattern for THIS:

…I have new aspirations! Learn to crochet well enough to make this teenier version!!

I really just love all that Linda does. Her work is so fresh and new and really does give crocheter and the crochet-curious knitter like great, easy to follow instruction. Click on this link to see more photos from the book in Linda’s Flickr stream.

My kids are growing UP!

…and it’s wonderful and so emotional at the same time!!

Yesterday I took Mazie to look at a preschool. PRESCHOOL. For my first BABY! It was kind of a weird experience, actually. Well, ok, this is what Mazie wore:
I pretty much let her wear what she wants to, as long as she’s dressed for whatever temperature it is outside I don’t care if she matches or wears a costume. I really think it’s fun to see what her style is from day to day. She’s definitely got a lot of confidence and really has a very clear vision of what she wants to look like.

And in the above picture she’s missing the bright orange scarf that was wrapped around her sari-style, we had to take that off to ride the horse (read on!)

She wanted to be a “Princess from India.” (Sorry, Indian princesses, if this appears to be a mockery of your native costume, it was donned with true respect and admiration!) The outfit kind of set a tone for the day…she was very fancy and flouncy and sparkly and Princess-y.


As we pulled into the school’s parking lot, she was saying, “What’s this, Mom? What are we gonna do here? What’s this place, mom?” We had talked about preschool all the way there in the car, but I think she must have been picturing the schoolhouse from Wonderpets or something because she was totally mystified by the actual preschool building. Then as I was parking, she started saying, “Don’t leave me here, Mom. Don’t leave me, ok?” So I think she was starting to get the picture. Mazie has never had a non-family babysitter all alone. When her babysitter Maya comes over two mornings a week, I’m still here with them, just at the computer. Maya watched the girls on one date night, but only for a few hours, and she already knows Maya really well. SO this concept of being on her own was really freaking her out.

I didn’t take pics at the preschool, but I really wish I had. I left my phone in the car thinking that the less I carried the better. We chose an interesting day to go visit…it was FARM DAY. So we start walking up to the school and we see a pony. And then two horses. And then a second pony. And then a pig, chickens, and I can’t even remember what else. At this point, Mazie’s just in awe. She’s walking around in her sari and head dress and cape and feeling like, “I knew I dressed up for a REASON!” We went into the school to meet her potential new teacher and see the classrooms. She was cautious but she didn’t ask me to carry her, she looked in all the classrooms and saw all the kids and even started playing with a few toys.

After we got our tour and heard about all of the things that the kids in her class were doing (numbers, letters, colors, crafts, etc.) we went outside to enjoy Farm Day. She rode a horse and a pony and petted a pig…and when it was time to go home, she grabbed onto the fence and wouldn’t let go. I had to pry her hands loose. It was a total scene.

BUT she loved it. And she will be starting preschool in the fall! (I’m thinking we’ll start with two half-days a week and build on that as we see how she does. And how I do, too!)