New Online Class is OPEN!

My new online class at is ready to go! This is the class that I was taping when Olive and I went up to Denver back in March. The class focuses on Knitting Basics, like how to knit, purl, increase, decrease, but also works through pattern reading, blocking, weaving in ends, and more.

I think this would be a great class for a beginner, or for someone who’s just never taken a knitting class before and really wants to see how things are done. This might also be a nice gift for someone you know who would like to learn to knit! Students have unlimited, 24-hour access to the class, so they can watch any of the (High-Definition!) videos until they totally get it! :)

I’m so excited about this class! It was fun to make, the interface is really cool, and I just think you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

To celebrate, we’re offering the class at half price to all of my blog, Twitter, and Facebook friends!

AND…to make the deal extra spicy, one in every three people who sign up will have their registrations refunded!

In order to get the class at half price, click through this DISCOUNT LINK or click the first photo at the top of this post.

Somewhat fuzzy screenshot from the intro:

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