Sweater progress! (and a little bit of planting!)


I’ve done a little more on my sweater…I know this pic doesn’t show much besides more length, but there is some reverse-shaping at the sides! What’s reverse-shaping? It’s how I’m giving this sweater a little bit more volume and an interesting hemline. So, instead of curving in toward or along the body, it curves out away from the body. I’m looking for volume in this one because I want a little bit of flow. It’s semi-fitted at bust, but then will drape gently over the curves. I’m really excited to finish so that I can wear it before it’s 105 degrees here!


This was a long, three-day weekend for us, so we were able to fit in some work around the house. Mazie and I planted our veggies, herbs, and flowers. We’re out of the freezing temps at night, so it’s safe to plant! Looking at this pic tells me that it’s time to clean out the screened porch!

Olive was banished to the exersaucer, can you guess why?

Olive was banished to the exersaucer during planting...can you guess why?

lots of new ideas!


So I’ve been thinking a lot about My Personal Style since that last book review (gentle art of domesticity) and what that all means. I’ve been doing some sketching and am currently goofing around with sweater shaping. From form and function of the raglan…to shaping at side and hem…I’m just taking some time to play a bit.

I’ll let you know how it comes out.

PS: This gorgeous yarn is Malabrigo Organic Cotton / worsted weight / color: natural. At 230 yards per skein, it’s a great deal at about $13.00 / skein. (Yarnzilla has one color on sale for ~ $8.)

I LOVE working with it. Many many plies, soft, silky, will have a gorgeous drape when it’s finished, you can see how nicely the fabric works just by the way it looks there at underbust where gathered on the needle…so pretty! I’ve used this both to worsted gauge (as in above pic on US 7s) and on smaller needles, like US 4. Either way makes gorgeous fabric.

Back from Denver!

behind the scenes taping my new sympoz.com class

On the 4th, Olive and I went on a baby-mommy adventure! Initially, all of us girls (including Grandma!) were going to drive up, but that didn’t end up working out, so Olive and I flew up by ourselves.

We started off the trip with a really fun event at Fancy Tiger Craft, coordinated by Ali DeJohn. I LOVE Fancy Tiger! Everything they carry is so well-curated and beautiful. I did a little demo on one of my Makerie classes (knitted embellishment) and got to meet LOTS of cool local crafters! Two particularly well-known crafters stopped by to say hi:

That’s Karin Strom from Interweave and Joanna Johnson, author of the adorable Phoebe’s Sweater and Freddie’s Blanket books, and her adorable daughter. (More on the books later, because Joanna has so kindly sent Mazie and Olive signed copies of BOTH books, and I get to do a GIVEAWAY!!) I wish I’d taken more photos myself, this is such a cute shop, and the people…the PEOPLE! I love spending time there!

After the event, I got to spend a couple of days with my sister (and her husband) and their new little baby Violet.


Violet is SO SWEET! She was just about 8 weeks old when we were there, look how BIG Olive looks!!

After a few lovely days with my sis and her family, Olive and I moved into the hotel and got to work. We taped my first online course with Sympoz.com. They’re an online source for all kinds of classes from quilting (and now knitting) to wine tasting.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots:

Stefanie monitor beauty BTS

Stefanie on set--good

(Isn’t the set so cute?) Everyone at Sympoz was awesome to work with, and I think we put together a great “learn to knit” class! We filmed for three full days, and they’re busy now editing and putting the class site together.

BTW: See how my hair’s curled int he shots above? The makeup artist did that with one of those new clipless curling irons. I’ve never had such shiny, pretty, 40s – looking curls. So of course I bought one of those irons and have been practicing with it ever since we’ve been home. Still haven’t gotten my hair to look like that again!

Anyway, it was an amazing trip. I’m so glad that everything worked out and that Olive and I were able to do so much in just under a week! Thank you Tonya and Family, The Makerie, Fancy Tiger Craft, and Sympoz.com for a great trip!!!

Beans for Brains Scholarships!

Just a little Public Service Announcement (this would have really helped ME out back in the day, so thought I’d let you know about it!):

Five $3,000 scholarships are now available to hardworking students who can knit or crochet!

Jimmy Beans Wool has teamed up with many people in the fiber arts industry to provide the Beans For Brains Scholarship for deserving knitters and crocheters! This merit-based award is for students who will be attending an accredited institution in the Fall of 2011.

You can get more information and an application by visiting the Beans For Brains Scholarship page.

Start applying today as the deadline for submissions is April 1st ! Not attending college but know someone who is or will be? Share the Beans For Brains Scholarship via Ravelry or print out a flyer for your LYS (flyers available at the Beans For Brains Scholarship page)!

Spread the word and help the next generation of fiber artists fund their dreams of higher education!