Lavender Sachet Tutorial


A few months ago, while at the local Renaissance Fair(e?) I scored a jumbo-sized zipper plastic bag full of dried lavender buds for only $15 from Frolicking Deer Farms. It’s been sitting on my shelf for all this time, open, but not really living up to its potential.

Today, I decided to take the time to make some sachets. I like to do things assembly-line-style, because to me it seems to make the process go faster. I do this with everything. I’ll unload ALL of the groceries up to the porch, then haul ALL of them into the house and into the kitchen rather than taking each load all the way in. I don’t know, to me it FEELs more efficient even if it’s not.

SO…here’s my method for assembly-line-style lavender sachets.

You’ll need:

Musiln or other fabric
Sewing machine
Pinking shears

The first thing I did was to fold a length of muslin in half. It doesn’t matter how much fabric you have, just so that you have two layers to sew together to make little bags.

Then, I stitched out a little grid. I used my machine’s embroidery function to spell out the word “Lavender” and then added some leaves and flowers. You could do this just as well with a straight or zig-zag stitch.


The key is to create two rows of horizontal stitching between each row of sachets, so that you can cut them apart and have all finished edges. (Each row of vertical stitching here becomes the bottom of a bag.)

Now cut each section using pinking shears (pinking shears keep the fabric from unraveling at the edges), so that you have 3 finished edges and one open end.






Fill each sachet with lavender, leaving about 3/4 inch at the top edge, so that you have enough room to finish the final edge.




Finish the final edge, trim raw edge using pinking shears, and you’re done. Scrunch them around in your hands a little bit to release the scent.


13 thoughts on “Lavender Sachet Tutorial

  1. Fantastic! I’ve got tons of lavender growing in my front flower beds but I never do anything with it. I may just dry some and try this.

  2. Monica, yo’re so lucky! I’ve been trying tog et some lavender to grow all summer with no real luck. My dream is to have a big lavender patch!

  3. How adorable! I just got a large bag of dried buds, as well. If you have any left over, another great use for it is pink lemonade. Steep the buds , then add the resulting tea to lemonade and it turns bright pink.

    Now I think I need to go make some of these sachets…

  4. What an easy and nifty idea!! I have some lavendar I got online, as well as some growing in my yard…Wouldn’t these be fun little Christmas gifts for my friends?!?! Thanks!

  5. Gorgeous! I so need to bust out my sewing machine. I begged my DH for one, he got it for me, and I’ve used it maybe twice in 4 years! This actually looks doable for a lazy sewer like me, plus I have tons of lavender around.

  6. That’s a good idea, to do the grid and cut it apart. I’ve just been sewing separate bags and turning them right side out.

  7. Hi Mary! They were so fun to do that I bought 2 more big bags of lavender to make more!!

  8. I love your little sachets! but don’t you have to treat the lavender in some way to preserve it. Like hair spray? Also, what do you thing the best variety of lavender for soaps is? than you. Susan Hendrickson

  9. The lavender is dried, so no need to preserve it. People have been using dried lavender as air freshener, and to keep moths away since long before hair spray!

    I don’t make soap so no idea on that one.

  10. how great this is! Thank you for sharing, my machine has the same stitches and I will definately try this.
    Love, Maaike

  11. Hi Stefanie, these are absolutely fantastic! Ive been looking for lavender sachets like this forever. Thankyou:)

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