June squares for Pollen8 quilting bee

Starting on my June Pollen8 squares
I took this photo as I was getting ready to sew at 10pm on a Monday night!

Maybe you remember that I was invited to participate in a quilting bee. It’s called Pollen8, and is all taking place on Flickr. We are 8 women, all stitching for each other. The way it works is that each member is assigned a month (mine is November.) At the beginning of a person’s month, she decides on a theme. Themes so far have been Log Cabins, Stripes, and Stars. Then, the person sends little bundles of fabric to each of the 7 other members, who make 3 squares to the person’s specs.

Here are my squares for June, which had a stripe theme:
Bar graph

Bar graph's sister, "Drunken Bar Graph"

Breaking down into chaos

I hope that Stephanie is able to work with my stripes…they’re pretty different from the others that are posted!

This bee has really been a good way for me to expand my quilting knowledge. I just started quilting (flickr set of my patchwork), and my quilts tend to be very off the cuff…I like to just sit down with a pile of pieces and see what they want to become. I rarely choose a theme before I start. I just like to play with colors and shapes and let the fabric decide. In general I feel like there are so many rules that we have to follow every day, crafting should be freeing and without boundaries. It’s interesting, though, to see how much play there is within a given theme.

Experimentation within a framework. I like that.

I’m considering doing a bargello theme for my month…but maybe it’s asking too much of the other quilters? I want to experiment with it a little bit before deciding. Here’s an example of bargello, in which you first piece long fabric strips in a given order, then cut the strips into narrow segments and re-order them to create a wave of color.

bargello quilt

Borrowed from this site: quilt-fashion.com/tag/bargello-quilt/

This bargello quilt is formed from several (20) smaller blocks and is an example of how one could be done in a bee.

I’d expect each of the blocks to be a little bit different. As long as the fabrics are pieced in the same order, the pattern would flow, regardless of the shape or direction of the “wave” in each block.

I really need to play with it a little bit before I decide what to do.

4 thoughts on “June squares for Pollen8 quilting bee

  1. I love your blocks! but yeah, I feel like mine don’t fit in at all. I hope steph’s ok with that.

    and that bargello quilt scares me. true story.

  2. I’ve only just started quilting, too – I’ve still got to edge my strip quilt which is really just a disorganised bargello quilt, I suppose! I like patterns which aren’t so regimented. Some quilting patterns can be too prissy perfect for me. Are the queen bees all over the place, then?

  3. I like your blocks! I think that she’ll make it work…she probably is ok with all of our different styles.

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