Finished Summer Flies

Ok, it’s done!

Unblocked it was the size of a little neckerchief:

Unblocked Summer Flies

This is a phone pic in the bathroom! SO LiveJournal! Do you remember LiveJournal? The people (me included) in the knitting groups used to take the worst pics, usually showing off their messy bathrooms! We’ve come a long way since then…Well. Some days. Some days, I just can’t help but go in there and LJ it up!

Like last night, I was SO EXCITED to check another thing off the to do list, and to get this baby into the soak (literally, I used Soak Wash) and pinned out!

Here it is after blocking, on a professional model:

Summer Flies shawl in Madeline Tosh Pashmina on US7s

I mean, I knew that it’d be pretty, but Holy Cow!

Summer Flies Shawl in Madeline Tosh Pashmina on US7s

This yarn / pattern combo (Tosh Pashmina / Summer Flies) is a definite WIN.

It was quick, easy, and NOT boring to knit with those cute little slipped stitch Xs. LOVE it.

Full-Square Shawlette

Full-square shawlette

Lots of shawl blogging this week!

We’re in full swing in class, and I’ve got some OBSESSED students…look for some truly beautiful FOs from this session!

I wanted to post one of my class examples, the full-square shawlette.

This is knit in the same format as my Mirth and Frost Diamonds shawls, only smaller. I used a bulky yarn (something that must be discontinued** from Blue Sky Alpacas) and a US 11 needle. It’s a simple lace pattern, but looks really elegant and feminine in this light pink color. The construction method gives it a great fullness which I think adds to its femininity.

Here are a couple more views:

Here, the fullness is all draped around to one side, so that the back is relatively simple and the flounce is on one side.
Full-square shawlette
(My mannequin is a little tipsy this afternoon, I see!)

And this is how the back looks:
Full-square shawlette

I love that the increase point makes such a nice strong diagonal across the entire back!

I cast this on using the big yarn and big needles to experiment with a lace pattern, and it’s just kinda cool how things turn out!

**I bought the yarn on deep-deep discount just before our LYS went out of business. I can’t find the labels right now, but I’m sure it’s from BSA. I don’t see anything similar on their website. It’s made of 5 plies, and each ply is also a multi-ply. It has a beautiful halo…and is ultra-ultra soft. Any yarn detectives care to hazard a guess?

Oh yeah, we went CAMPING

These days, camping to me means CABINS. With BATHROOMS.

Mazie and Nathan

Last weekend we went with a few good friends and their kids up to Cloudcroft, NM to stay in cabins (camp.)

me and the girls in front of the cabin

Oh you guys! It was amazing. I know it may not seem like it from the blog, but I have been SO INCREDIBLY busy and hustling around. I’ve got two classes going right now, I’m re-vamping some of the older patterns in my shop, I’m working on new patterns, and I’ve got my secret project going…I love being busy again, but I needed a serious break! I tend toward work-a-holism, and I’ve been working like crazy. If there are items on the TO DO list, I’m skipping naps and staying up late!

Here are the guys and the kids fishing:

It had been over 100 degrees so consistently here, and I was just going nuts. Cloudcroft was cloudy, cool, rainy…PERFECT. it was in the 60s! We lit a FIRE! We got WET in the RAIN! I mean, it was just what the doctor ordered.

The kids got to run around outside in the wildflowers, and even found a few baby sand toads!
more baby toads

(I knit pretty much all of that Summer Flies shawlette on this trip!)

I could not have asked for a better getaway, or a better group of people to get away WITH!

I’m putting “Go camping” on my to do list a few more times this year! I think a fall trip would be awesome!

ETA: Notice Mazie’s PONYTAIL! The last week or so, she’s been letting me put ponytails AND hair clips in her hair! I’m so excited!!

Someone’s getting married and I’m knitting her a shawl(ette)


My friend Cindy is getting married in September, and I’m knitting her a little shawlette. She won’t be wearing it during the ceremony, but she may put it on later in the evening as she mingles at the reception.

I chose the yarn first, based on Cindy’s wedding color palette and the color of her (original) dress which was a light dove gray.

I’d never worked with a Madeline Tosh yarn before, so knew I wanted to try that, and while looking through the selection at Eat Sleep Knit, I decided on the Pashmina.


I was really drawn to both the way the yarn took the color, giving it a lighter core with a darker halo, and of course by the fiber content. (I’m using the colorway “Tern” for this.) I’d never shopped at Eat Sleep Knit before, and I highly recommend them. I received a personal order confirmation, and my yarns arrived quickly and with a special little surprise inside the box. I love it that my purchases build up points toward a prize if I buy a certain amount. Overall great service.

So, I had the yarn but no pattern! In the current session of my Online Design Your Own Shawl class, we’re talking a lot about different types of shawl designs, and looking at the designs of past students to see what they’ve done. In the discussion, “Summer Flies” by Holly and Ella Knits came up. This design happens to have been created by Ella-B, the mother of Holly in my post below! Summer Flies is one of these new, hot, narrower-style shawls, not created using the triangle method that we discuss in class. (It’s a free download, so you can see for yourself how it’s constructed.)

I decided that it would be cool to knit this pattern, both because of my connection with Holly and because it’s a new style to learn! Holly has graciously given us permission to download the pattern and discuss it in class!

I’m using a wool yarn, and the pattern suggests a plant fiber…and I’m using a sock weight yarn while the pattern calls for worsted. BUT, I’m using a needle almost as large as that called for in the pattern, so I’m hoping for a similar size. I may end up with a little neck scarf…we’ll see! Either way, it’s going to be GORGEOUS!

SO…My multitasking skills finely honed, I’m knitting a gorgeous wrap for Cindy’s wedding day, using a new yarn that I’ve been wanting to try, ordered from a shop whose owner I’d met but had never shopped from, AND using the FO as a teaching example for my class and a learning process for myself.

I’m feeling much satisfaction as I finish the last few rows and prepare to bind off.

Are you a multi-tasker? Have you ever knit a project that had so many great purposes? What did you knit? What did you use it for?

I’m still knitting!

In the middle of all of this travel and quilting, I AM still knitting!

I’m working on a big project right now, and one for which I do not yet have a contract so am not able / willing to disclose any details.

SO you know what that means for my knitting blog! Lots of photos of other stuff and lots of alluding to current knitting projects.

I posted this WIP photo on Flickr a few weeks ago, and it’s progressed a LOT since then!

A little bit of knitting for a BIG new project!

That is Cascade 220 heather in a beautiful green with gold highlights. I really do love Cascade 220. It’s such a great all-around yarn and while I also love the supersoft yarns that other companies make, this one has that great WOOL feeling. The kind of wool that I grew up wearing, where you really felt like you were wearing a sweater. It’s not scratchy, just wool-like.

And, of course, I’m designing on my Knitpicks Interchangeables. They have the sharpest points that I’ve had the pleasure of using in an interchangeable, and I love that I can order individual tips separately.

Here’s a little bit of progress:

I don’t think that this gives *too* much away, especially since it’s so out of focus! (Still trying to get used to the iPhone for taking pics.) It’s going to be a long sweater, with long ribbing.

So. There’s some knitting content.

I’m also updating some of the patterns on my site as well as working on a few new ones. Things for my own site go fairly slowly over here, working between naptimes and after bedtimes, but I’ll keep you posted as things progress. I’m figuring out how to work from a schedule and how to get the most out of every moment at the computer, so I’m getting faster and faster, and more done every day.

Teaser: I’ve got two bags of yarn ready to go out to sample knitters…so I hope that in a month or so you’ll see something fresh!