Soakers and a Tutorial (how to knit your own)

Two of the (Damask Rose) Malabrigo soakers:
Soaker duo

I think I’m posting about this as a way to hold myself accountable, and also because my pregnant brain is telling me to focus hard on baby prep, even though realistically I’m pretty ready. My brain really wants to do serious baby prep crafting. Regardless of other work / deadlines. SO…maybe once my brain sees this post with pictures of my little knits it’ll calm down some.

I’ve finished 2 knit soakers, have yarn for a million more, and have one on the needles. I also have lots of eentsy fleece yoga pants, and ordered 3 of these wraps in NB and 4 small. So…I think we will be ok for the first 4 – 6 months soakerwise. I also have a few knits left over from Mazie. (Got it, Brain?? We’re prepped!)

A few people have asked me which is my favorite soaker pattern to knit. I knit a few pair of Picky Pants for Mazie, and they are the bomb, Picky Pants front but I’m actually not that great about following patterns, I glance at the pattern occasionally but just knit them like I think they “should” be knit…so I developed my own, taking our climate into consideration.

We live where it’s HOT. It’ll be too hot for wool pants by March, so I like smaller soakers that just cover the diaper with some ribbing to keep messes inside. Here’s a couple that I did for Mazie:

new pink ruffled soaker

Soaker set

A few people have asked me about these. Here’s the process:

Beginnings of a soaker
Start out with one stitch, and, working in stockinette, increase one stitch each end of every other row until the top of the triangle measures a little bit bigger than your baby’s waist.

Change to 2×2 ribbing for about 1.5 – 2 inches. Bind off loosely.

soaker about 2/3 finished
Leaving about .5 inch at either end, pick up stitches along each side of the triangle and work in 2×2 ribbing for about the same distance you used for the waistband. (see above)

soaker before seaming
Fold in the points and seam.

For the ruffles, you just pick up stitches in a straight line across the back and knit for an inch or so. Do this 2 or 3 times to make a little row of them.

7 thoughts on “Soakers and a Tutorial (how to knit your own)

  1. Thank you for the instructions! There are many babies on the way in my circle of friends that are going to be wearing these this year!

  2. HI i discovered soaker with my third baby! I’m due with my fourth about the same time as you. I can’t knit them fast enough, These ones look quite quick. I’m going to give them a go!!

  3. I’m due in March with our first, and we just ordered our newborn CD stash. I’ve thought about knitting some soakers, and this post is the push I need to get going! Thanks, Steph!

  4. I just made my first soaker based on your tutorial… It’s so cute! I can’t wait for our LO to arrive so I can see what it looks like on his little bum!!!

  5. this is fantastic! i have people donate wool to me all the time, and i’ve been working on a blog about how to cloth diaper for less than a hundred bucks from birth to potty learning. this is exactly the kind of thing i need! thanks for something that a lot of beginner knitters can make! ravelry has cute ones, but when all you know how to do is knit and purl, this is a dream come true. :)

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