New Knitty Pattern and a New online class to celebrate!

Woo Hoo! It’s REALLY new Knitty day!!

AND… I have a pattern in this issue!

Frost Diamonds

I’m so proud to be part of Knitty’s 30th issue!

Thank you to Lorna’s Laces for contributing the yarn that made this design possible (GreenLine Worsted in “Devon”) and to Knitpicks for supplying the needles (Options Interchangables.)

Knitty has planned LOTS of giveaways to celebrate this momentous occasion, check out the Knitty site and knittydotcom on twitter for details.

I decided to celebrate by offering a new online class! (And by giving away free tuition to any one of my classes to one lucky Knitty reader!)

rainbow of shawls
Design Your Own Shawl Class

This class will teach YOU to be the designer!

First, you’ll choose your own shawl shape. Either a four-sectioned shawl like “frost diamonds” (in this issue of Knitty) and “Mirth” OR a simpler, two-sectioned (half-square) triangle like many others you’ve seen online.

Next, you choose one, two, three, or more stitch patterns that work and flow together to create the body of your shawl.

Then, you’ll see how to choose a border stitch pattern to tie the whole thing together.

Finally, you’ll write your own pattern! (You’ll need to find your own testers / tech editors after the pattern is written.)

By the end of the class, you’ll have a finished shawl pattern (even if you haven’t finished your knitting) that you can share with friends, publish yourself, or even submit to a magazine!


Class will begin on January 18 and go through February 7, 2010.

The fee for this class is $65 and you can register now by clicking on the PayPal link below, or by visiting my Online Knitting Studio.

To read more about what you can expect from my online classes, click here.

Little Houses Ornaments and Kits on Etsy

Tonya and her birds

My sister is a very talented crafter, and has recently launched a line of Christmas ornaments and kits on Etsy.

Tonya's house ornament

Here’s a link to her shop.

house ornament kits

Here’s what she says:

The kits are packaged in cute fabric bags with ribbon drawstrings. They are attractive enough to give as gifts as-is (or you can make them and give finished ornaments as gifts). Each kit includes an instruction booklet with progress photos and step-by-step instructions. I also include everything you need except for needles. You get pre-cut felt pieces, embroidery floss, a hanging loop, a handful of stuffing (and beads for the Christmas House kits).

It takes about 2 to 4 hours to make each ornament, depending on how quickly you sew, and how detailed your ornament is.

She also sells patterns for cute little animals like this owl:
Little Owl

Mazie and I were in a car accident on Friday…

On Friday, Mazie and I were out doing some errands and were rear-ended at a stoplight.

I started going into premature labor (at only 28 weeks of pregnancy) and was admitted to the hospital. Mazie was also admitted for observation. Mazie was released later Friday evening, and I was kept until very late Friday night.

I did go into labor, with contractions every 2 minutes. They were able to stop the contractions with a shot (I didn’t make note of WHAT) at about 9pm, and I stayed for a few more hours for observation / fetal monitoring.

I’m happy to report that we are all ok.

This accident really made me think about how all of our lives could be changed in a second.

We are VERY lucky.

Glam Knit Reality: ZigZag Wraparound

Oh! Another thing about the book is that my “working titles” for the garments just became the names of the garments. They don’t even all make sense, like this one. It’s not really a wraparound, just crosses over in front.

Here’s the Ravelry link for yarn info.


It’s really not meant for a pregnant person, but is knit to fit a plus-sized model! I’m not kidding when I keep saying I was promised to have one…I knit half the garments in a 12 -14! (38 – 40 bust) It’s meant to be worn kinda slouchy in front and down over the bum. Like a long tunic-y thing over a dress or leggings with boots. Not prissily folded under (and under) like this:

Glam Knits: Zigzag Lace Wraparound

It’s a little bit twisted around in this picture, but you can see the detail of how the lace matches up in the back (it’s knit in two directions and Kitchener’d up the back.)

And here’s one just for fun with my belly: