The big day is here! My new website launches today!

The gorgeous design is thanks to Julie Levesque of, and I LOVE it!

You will have a MUCH easier time navigating the site, finding out about upcoming classes and events, and finding out more about me and my designs. Click on the image below to enter:


To celebrate the launch of the new site, I’ve written a new free pattern for you!

2-needle mittens for Mazie

Mazie’s Mittens: quick 2-needle mittens

Pattern Notes
Knit on straight needles, these mittens are a great way for a beginning knitter to make handmade mittens without trying to use double-pointed needles. (Or for an advanced knitter to make mittens when you’ve forgotten your knitting bag at home over the holidays and have to borrow stuff from your mom.)

I used two colors of DK weight yarn: one for the ribbing, one for the hands, and a little bit of white to embroider the snowflakes. You could do these in a solid, use up several leftovers to make stripes, or any number of combinations.

By changing yarn weight and needle size, you can make these mittens larger or smaller to fit children of various ages and sizes. (Use sock yarn and US1 / US3 needles for baby mittens, Use worsted weight yarn and US5 / US7 to make mittens for older children.)

You can download the free pattern here on Ravelry.

We survived Thanks-Mas Week, did you?

Mazie and the tree

My sister was in town last week to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now that we’re all grown up, it’s hard to see all of our family on all of the “real” holiday dates, so we smushed the two together this year. It can be a little bit intense, having so much celebration in one week, but everyone did ok this year! Mazie and I decorated a little bit early (Monday):

Tonya's house ornament

We hosted a dinner at our house on Wednesday night…
Dinner at our place

Complete with lace tablecloths and extra seating:
Nathan and Mazie

(Looking at these pictures reminds me that we need to hang some art on our walls. It’s hard, after all that painting!)

Then on Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner and opened presents at my parents’. Friday, we all lounged around, and then Saturday, Tonya and I took pics of some of her Etsy shop stuff. All in all a really nice week!

Tonya and her birds

Preview my new WEBSITE!! ( Http://

Oh you guys, I couldn’t be more excited! My new website is about to go live! It was designed by Julie Levesque of The site has everything all in one place: shop, portfolio, workshop information, links to my blog and etsy shop. The best part is that it all works, it all looks great together in a unified, beautiful presentation.

You may recognize Julie as the graphic designer who created several promotional materials for, such as Tshirts, brochures, totes, pins, and logos!

More of Julie ( 's work

Here’s Jess in a tee designed by Julie:


To see more of Julie’s work click here.

New Online Class: How to Fit Your Knits

I’ve developed a new online knitting class, at the suggestion of many of the 430+ members on my online Knitting Studio site. The class is called “How to Fit Your Knits” and is based on a workshop that I have taught in person many times. The class will be held on my site, starting a few days after New Year’s, to give us all time to enjoy the holidays before we start this class.

This is the most intensive class that I will have taught online so far, and I’m incredibly excited to be able to offer it. I’m going to keep the class size relatively small for the first run, so if you have been itching to take this class, be sure to sign up early to hold your spot.

How To Fit your Knits Class

How to Fit Your Knits January 4 – February 4

In this four-week class, you will learn how to examine any
printed knitting pattern, knit flat or in the round, whether top
down, or bottom up, and determine whether its shaping will work for
you. You will learn to add custom shaping, based on your own body
measurements (or those of any friend or family member) to any
commercial knitting pattern.

This is not a “design your own sweater” class, but you will
learn the fundamentals of fit, shaping, taking proper figure
measurements, and doing the math that will help you to create
knitted garments that actually fit.

The class will take place over four weeks, and you will have
24-hour access to class materials during that time. You will be
able to work at your own pace, with the help of forum discussion,
live chat, video instruction, and PDF handouts.

Class Fee: $65

Two Tshirt Yarn shrugs, a WIP and a Mazie update

Here are two new Tshirt yarn shrugs that my mother knit up:

Thsirt yarn shrugs

She dyed her tees with tea, and I think that the colors she got are just fantastic:

Thsirt yarn shrug

Very subtle, but very nice.

Thsirt yarn shrug

Here’s a link to the pattern, and one to the class.

WIP update: I’ve been working on a sweater for myself, and even though I have been knitting top down raglan sweaters for literally decades, I still place the whole thing on waste yarn

Putting the sweater on waste yarn so that I can try it on

So that I can try it on:

Trying on as I go!

I want to add a drawstring detail to the underbust / overbelly so I have to make sure that it will hit at exactly the right depth in the bodice. I still have a few inches to go!

Mazie update: it was (is) just a head cold. AND…while we were in the office, our Nurse Practitioner got in a shipment of H1N1 vaccines, so we were able to get one for Mazie.

I have received a lot of comments, by personal email, on Facebook, and Twitter, from people telling me NOT to vaccinate our daughter. I think that parenting is such a personal thing, I’d never deem myself expert enough to advise others on what to do for their children, especially in a situation like this. Living so close to Mexico, where the virus originated, and having such a high number of local cases (800 in the next county over, and 50 here locally) and numerous deaths, we have decided to protect ourselves and Mazie.

If you have chosen not to vaccinate yourself or your child, that is your decision, and I’m sure that it was based on hours (or more) of long hard thought and is a decision based on what you think is best and safest for your family. Our decision is, too. Please do not comment / write telling me that I’ve endangered my child or my fetus by vaccinating Mazie and myself.

I would never write to you criminalizing your decision not to vaccinate.

For those of you who have been supportive through this whole thing (here and on Twitter / Facebook… I APPRECIATE YOU!