Mirth pattern is almost ready!

Mirth, aka “Fitted Raglan Shawl” is so close to being ready! I’m almost finished with the sock weight sample. Once that’s done and blocked…we’re all set to go!

Mirth  (backlit)

I’m really enjoying watching my Online Classes site grow! We’ve already got 106 members, and 11 people have signed up for the shawl class that starts on September 7.


Fitted Raglan Shawl Hits the Road! (Video blog post!)

Hi All!

Nathan laughed out loud while I was editing today’s video post. I’m not sure what was so funny. Maybe it’s the fact that Mazie is laughing in the background of my moody pan across the lace fabric of the shawl…or that Mazie starts her jukebox on “Happy and You Know It” during my intro…or that I sound like a teen-beat reporter when I introduce my mom in the second segment.

Also: I SWEAR that I didn’t coach my mom at ALL during her interview…she just supports what I’m doing so much that she can’t help but shill.

I know these videos are totally silly, but I’m having so much fun talking “live” to you guys!

Mom’s version of the shawl will be knit in 2 hanks of Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted (210 yds per hank.) One color is Chagrin, the other is Courage.

I found a great tech editor for the pattern (The FAMOUS Jenn Jarvis, of Nipperknits, and formerly of Vogue Knitting!!) and we should be set to pop on that by the middle of next week. (WOO-HOO!) Since this is my first true lace shawl pattern, (I’m not counting the Reclamation pattern, Back and Forth Booklet, or the City Shawl, though they are technically lace…) I want to be sure that this pattern has everything that a lace knitter expects.

Are my charts industry standard? Do my repeats make sense? Does the schematic show everything you need? I want to do this RIGHT!

I also want to tell you that I’ve started an online knitting workshop site! Visit http://stefaniejapel.ning.com to learn more!

I’ll do a video post about that, it’s neat!

Spotlight on Choo Choo Knits!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Spotlight” post, and it’s about time!

In today’s spotlight is Karen of ChooChooKnits (and 365 / Knitterly and Crafty Folks, and Ravelry, and every cool knitting place on the internet.)

I first met Karen at the Knit-a-GoGo knitting workshop that I taught in Alexandria, VA last fall. Karen drove down to the DC area from New jersey to attend the workshop. I could tell right away that we’d get along well. Karen is one of those students that I love to have in class. She was already modifying patterns to the extent that she was really re-designing them, she was happy to be there, understood the concepts, and was helpful to the other students. I don’t mean to sound like a 3rd grade teacher, so I’ll just say this, Karen is a facilitator.

Karen is also one of those knitters who makes designers look good.

When I click on my linkbacks and see that Karen’s knit one of my designs, I go, “YAY!” because I know there will be a beautiful FO pic on Ravelry, and helpful advice for anyone in the JapelKnits group who’s struggling.

Here are some of my favorite of Karen’s interpretations of my patterns:

1. cathode october 2008 011, 2. Cable Down Raglan (finished), 3. therapi sweater for nana december 2008 015, 4. Mommy and Ramona at Alexa’s party

AND…HERE is the sweater that Karen designed at the workshop that I taught in VA!
It’s so awesome!!


Karen is also knitting TWO sample sweaters for new fall patterns!!
I’m so excited. She sent preview photos yesterday and they look SO GOOD.