I lost my Blackberry!

I’ve lost track of it before, but never for this long…about 4 days, I think. I’ve called it at Mom’s and at my house…and I can’t ever hear it. I think it must be gone. It still has batteries because it’s not just going straight to voicemail yet! ARG.

I’ll give it a few more days, I guess. My house IS pretty messy. And so is my car. It always turns up. Crossing fingers.

In my quest to reduce overtiredness and burnout, I’ve been trying not to be on it so much. I don’t need to check emails, facebook and twitter all the time, or to be available by phone all the time.

I almost think I lost it on semi-on-purpose.
But now I want it back!

Do you think I'll have crazy dreams when I sleep under this?

totally scrappy crazy top
The whole quilt top is made from the scraps that I hand dyed. (I blogged about that here.) I did use two half-yards of fabric that Tonya had given me one Christmas to outline the log cabin pieces, but they’re the same tone as the turquoise that I used. The entire rest of the quilt is from that dye experience.

funky log cabins
I like it. These fabrics look like they might have been worn by people coming through Ellis Island. They’re so sepia and sort of plain, but really intricate if you look at them closely. All of the plaids are woven, not printed. Some of the fabrics have even been brushed to peachfuzz on one side. And I think the randomness of my design is very like a really old utilitarian quilt might look. Cobbled together from whatever pieces there were. (Which is just what I did!)

hand dyed scrappy quilt

Initially, I thought I might sew all of the strips together, and then cut them to make diagonal stripes, so I made a lot of looooooong strips. I cut the plaids along one stripe in the fabric (since this is woven plaid, it was either with or perpindicular to the selvage.) I also just pieced the charms (squares) together as they were, didn’t do any flying geese or even triangles. I then stitched a few stripes and a few charm strips together to make aprox. 2-foot wide sections, and then arranged those together. Then, yesterday, I decided to try a few log cabins. I hadn’t ever done any, and they look so nice (in other peoples’ quilts) so I threw a few of those in, too. Finally, I laid all of the big sections out next to each other, cut the longer strips and used those to lengthen the shorter ones, and it came out to be almost a perfect rectangle, with very few scraps left over.

Backing fabrics for hand-dyed quilt top
I’m going to use a big piece of Tina Givens fabric for the back. It’s a nice purple and turquoise that I think will really compliment the front. It needs a whimsical fabric on the back.

I’ll let you know when I get it quilted! I’ve got two quilts that are just waiting on binding and then I can cross them off the UFO list. I don’t want them to languish too long…we all know that the longer they go unfinished, the more used we are to having them unfinished!

This is going to be a bear to lay out and sandwich! It’s at least 8 feet tall. (I need to measure so I can buy my batting!) It’s too expensive to have every quilt professionally quilted, so I’m going to try to tackle this one on my home machine. Because of all the tiny pieces, I want to quilt this one pretty tight (lots of lines). I’m predicting at least a couple of months’ work. I’ll keep you posted.

ETA: It’s 8ft 4inches by 7 feet 4 inches! We sandwiched it on the patio the other night, and I rolled it up so I could start quilting. It’s HEAVY.

My sister was in town!

Me and Tonya in our new sweaters

Tonya was in town last week and graciously modelled a few things for me. She shows how stuff looks on skinny people, and I show how they look on … people with curves. Let’s just say that. lol. If you click on this picture, you’ll see more photos of both sweaters on each of us.

We had a good time catching up and playing with Mazie. We even hijacked my mom and went to Carlsbad Caverns on the weekend.

Tonya at Carlsbad

I don’t have many photos of that, because Mazie fell asleep on our way to the cave, and I had to carry sleeping Mazie down partway. Then, she woke up and wanted to walk. If you haven’t been there, it’s wet, steep, and has one guardrail at hip height. I was so freaked out! When she DID want to be carried, she wanted my mom to do it, so here’s my 60+ year old mom carrying 30-pounder Mazie down this wet steep incline. I about died. By the time we were done, I was frantic. I’m kind of queasy about heights, and it was just too much, worrying about those girls!

It was fun, but scary. We stayed the night at the Carlsbad KOA, in one of their Kamping Kabins. THAT was FUN. Mazie is a good camper!

One funny thing was that Mazie thought the whole cave was made out of poop. She kept pointing at the stalactites and other formations and saying, “poop. poop.”
Tonya reading the material

New Pattern Booklet: FOUR reversible scarves

Until now, three of these patterns have only been available in my scarf kits on Etsy…and now I’m combining them with the Reclamation scarf pattern into a booklet of four completely reversible scarf patterns.

All of the scarves look good from both the front AND the back, so you never need to worry about the tails flipping over while you wear them, or which side is the “right” side when you put them on.

I’m calling it “Back and Forth” because whichever side (back or front) of these scarves show, and whatever yarn / gauge / drape you choose, they look great!

Reversible scarves

(The scarf that didn’t make the cover is this one:)

…the model just didn’t have much life! :)


So anyway, that’s available now on Etsy, Ravelry, and in my own shop.

Post-Burnout Bombardment?

I’m sort of bombarding you lately, with product reviews, books, my own new stuff…The last thing I want this to be is a “Selling Stuff Blog.”

I was thinking about this today, and it’s the result of coming out of this mental block I’ve been having.

I was able to find the root of the problem, I think…or at least one major part. Eliminating that has helped me so much! I’ve been feeling creative, energized, and just back to normal. It’s amazing how much one seemingly little thing can affect so many ares of one’s life.

So, now that that’s over…I’ve got the energy to process through all these ideas that have been percolating for so long.

I’ll get back to “daily life” posting, don’t worry…but for now I’m in Revved Up mode.