New Bamboo! The color of Hope.

Scarf Kits will be available as soon as I can get them listed.

Here’s a preview:
What is the color of hope?

And there are more drying! There are about 40 in all. Most are DK weight bamboo, same as last time, but the rest are a really pretty worsted chain-type bamboo and a tape yarn made of corn.

Hope DK bamboo #14

My theme this time is “The color of hope.” I was dyeing these while Nathan and I were watching the inauguration. He asked me, “What color do you think represents hope?” We decided at the time that it was a golden yellow, like the color of Michelle’s dress. The more I thought about it, the more colors started to come to mind. The rusty auburn of my daughter’s hair, the flush of healthy pink cheeks, the blue of a clear sky, a rich royal purple, and, of course, green for money, spring grasses, my grandmother’s eyes.

Hope DK bamboo #10

So, this batch of yarn incorporates a little bit of each of these colors. Some came out mostly blue with a little green, while others are vibrant purple and chartreuse with a little peach. I’ll post them individually so that you can see how they differ.

Dyeing yarn is always an interesting experiment. I love to layer the colors, which is why they are each so unique.

As usual, the kits come with stitch markers, 3 scarf patterns, and 50g hand dyed bamboo or corn yarn. (Plus whatever Glampyre swag I can find to stick in with them!)

Knitting on the road…Lorna's Laces Pearl

Me knitting in Anaheim

Today I left home for the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show in Anaheim, CA. I woke up at 6, didn’t shower, didn’t do anything really but get in car. I have to drive over an hour to the airport from my house, so I tend to get up ultra early and feel really paranoid about getting there late all the way up until I’m through security.

THIS trip, I even drove past a raging hay fire. Yeah. A hay fire. Hay on fire. There’s a big feed lot on the way to the airport and two big barns of hay were smouldering and pumping black smoke into the air. I even think I saw a smoke rainbow, if that’s possible.

view from my hotel room, Anaheim

It was cloudy at home and it’s cloudy here. I had planned to get in, shower, and go walk around. Instead, I’m ordering food, taking a hot hot shower, getting into sweats and knitting.

Lorna's Laces Pearl: Roadside Gerry

Not just knitting, but knitting the brand new Lorna’s Laces Pearl, in Annie’s colorway “Roadside Gerry.” Lorna’s Laces has been doing a neat thing and asking several knitter-bloggers to design colorways, and this is the one Annie designed. If you’ve read her blog or her newest book, you get the reference…and I’m not going to spoil it by trying to tell you about it…so read her book! Read her blog!

Lorna's Laces Pearl: Roadside Gerry

I should have known it was hers when I chose this one (perfect “redhead colors!”) but I didn’t realize it until I got home and read the label. Annie is part of the Stitch Co-op, and I’ve been getting to spend a little bit of time with her at each TNNA. I always enjoy Annie.

I’m certainly enjoying her colorway!

Pearl is a silk bamboo blend, with 220 yards per hank! 220 yards! I’m making another triangle scarf / mini shawl thing…you’ll see. Sometimes I’m allergic to silk yarns, something about those teeny fibers flying around. I’m not allergic to this one! Yay!

Lorna's Laces Pearl: Roadside Gerry

I started knitting this little triangle on the plane. I’ve never talked so much about knitting while on a plane ride! And to two non-knitting rancher types. It was very surreal. I taught a stewardess how to make yo k2tog lace! I’m excited to show you what I’m making, so I’ll eat my lunch now and get back to work!


PS: I finished it!!
Wahoo! I knit something for MYSELF!

I really love this scarf! For now, I’m going to leave it unblocked (I’m on the road, and I want to WEAR it) but it’ll be pretty good-sized when it’s blocked. 220 yards is a LOT of yarn! YAY! Thank you Lorna’s Laces!

Hello HGTV Knitty Gritty viewers! You're just in time for some product reviews!

I can tell that my episode just aired, because I have all sorts of nice emails and a bunch of new newsletter subscribers. (Yes, I have a newsletter!)

Please be sure to check the errata for Fitted Knits if you’re new…it’s that link in the upper left sidebar. Also, I’m “Stefanie” on Ravelry, and “Glampyre” on Twitter. Whew!

You are joining us just in time for my first Product Review from spring ’09 TNNA!

I have two things to talk about today (and many, many more to come!)

The first thing I want to talk about is my new Zuma Bag from the Cali Collection of Namaste knitting bags. I love the whole Cali collection, but this one is my favorite of all. It actually looks like a purse. And not just a purse, but a purse that I would CARRY.
Zuma.  So pretty.

When I was talking to “Namaste Kelly” at the booth, we were discussing how I think that these bags are the “status” bags of the knitting world. It’s really true! I find that when I teach away from home, the ‘serious’ knitters usually have some form of Namaste bag on one arm (and a Lexie tote on the other!)

I love the Zuma style in particular, because it’s something I can carry every day. I don’t have to move my knitting stuff in and out of my purse OR try to remember where the heck my wallet and keys have gone to…because I have no need to switch bags!
Mazie and the a Magician's hat!

There is room in here for a sweater or a sweater’s worth of yarn…and you HAVE to see this genius front pocket:
Zuma front pocket
FOR YOUR CIRCULAR NEEDLES! Genius engineering!
This bag gets my highest review points…functional…looks great…love it!!

My next review is of the new Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn. I was lucky enough to come home with a skein of this in a fabulous hot pink / gray / purple color called Vigo.

Can you see how this yarn just sparkles?? It’s so soft and easy on the hands. I’m making a little triangle scarf. I just have the one skein, but want something useful from this yarn NOW.
Malabrigo Silky Merino

Tune in next time for a review of the new PolarKnit yarn. I have a special project in mind for this.

I leave tomorrow for CHA…so I might just have time to work out my idea before I get home to post again on Tuesday!

A few TNNA pictures

What’s a blog without a little photoessay now and then?

Here are a few TNNA photos…mostly me with people I work with or whose yarns / products I like.
I’ll start doing some reviews after CHA. (Oh yeah, I leave on Saturday for another trade show.) Mazie will probably have many new and amazing skills when I get home. I missed her getting 2 new teeth while I was at TNNA, AND being able to point to her nose, ears, where hats go, belly, etc.. Feeling a little absentee.


Here’s me with Antonio and Tobias. I used their yarn in FOUR of the patterns in Glam Knits. They are so nice and (as you know) their yarns are to die for. I brought home a skein of Silky Merino. Yes. It is as good as you’ve heard it is!

Me and Malabrigo

Glam Knits: Trapeze jacket
I wore one of the projects on Saturday, and they said that people were asking them about the yarn…YAY!

Here is me with Paul Nichols of Mission Falls Yarn (with 2 of my projects.)
Paul and Me

Here I am holding my habanero Knit.1 sweater at the SoHo booth:
My Knit.1 Sweater

…and here I am at the FW booth. They made a huge sign with my name on it…quite surreal.
me at the FW booth

I know it’s kind of dorky to post all these photos of myself … but … I’m doing it anyway. So there.