Ok, I've been tagged by a non-knitting blogger!

My friend Shannon in Baltimore has the cutest shop called “Sweet Pepita.” Her husband and mine used to teach at the same college, which is how we met.

And…she tagged me.

She told me that you guys keep showing up at her booth at various craft fairs and saying hello! That’s so sweet and neighborly of you! And…it’s getting Shannon and me to talk more than we have in years…bloggers are so amazing.

Now, the tag:

Six things that you might not know about me.
This is hard, because I tell you pretty much EVERYthing.

1) My sister and I have the same middle name.
2) I dearly love all of my friends, and I feel awful when something comes between us (or threatens to.)
3) I am a habitual procrastinator, but am trying to overcome it. (It looks like I’m actually going to make an upcoming Nov. 1 deadline! WOO!)
4) I think my right wrist will never be the same after my pregnancy…it’s making crunchy noises! (This is particularly saddening because I’ve always had bionic-seeming wrists! I could knit for days straight with no problems.)
5) I really would like to have another baby.
6) I’m having a really stressful past few weeks and NEED A BREAK!!

I’m not going to tag anyone, but thanks, Shannon, for tagging me!

OK, now, back to finishing these handouts, organizing my Canada details, and trying to not scream out loud!

Oh F&W, you scamp! (Lace Panel Tunic)

Apparently, F&W thought you’d like this pattern so much, that they decided to put it in Glam Knits TWICE!

Glam Knits: Deep U-Neck Tunic Dress

It’s there where it should be on page 67, and ALSO in place of the Lace Panel Tunic on page 41. All of the yarn and needle information, as well as photos and schematics for the Lace Panel Tunic are correct…just not the actual INSTRUCTIONS.

I’m working to make the actual pattern for the Lace Panel Tunic available to you.

Stay Tuned.

Glam Knits preview photos…and a discount code

Yesterday I decided to make a Flickr set of some of the Glam Knits projects. I know that in this economy, you want to know what you’re buying before you order it! And to make the deal just that much sweeter, if you order through MyCraftivity, and use the discount code GKTHIRTY, you will receive 30% off of your total order.

So…If you click on this image, it will take you to the set. There’s a shrug and a wrap missing that I just couldn’t get good snaps of. (I just used my digital camera while Mazie was taking a nap…didn’t bother with the scanner…)

Glam Knits: Texturized Tweed Coat

There’s a range of projects in this one, from a camisole to jackets and coats to purses and scarves. All different construction styles and all different weights of yarn.

We had a pretty good day yesterday, went to a BBQ at a friend’s house for the purpose of planning another trip to Kingston. Kingston is an old silver mining town in the Gila, that still has some old buildings from the hay-day. There’s an old bank, an old cemetary, and lots of hiking trails and other fun fall stuff to do. I’m looking forward to crisp weather, bonfires, cookouts, and late-night drives in the mountains!

This morning, I took Mazie to Grandma’s to play. I’m just not used to not being with her! I miss her!! The whole point was to get some work done, and I’m sitting here looking at pictures of her in Flickr. I just can’t believe how much she’s changed ALREADY.

homemade outfit
This is a picture of her in a really kooky outfit! I made the pants and sweater, and our friend Marjorie made the hat…and my mom made the booties. Poor baby! I waas just going for warmth…didn’t even think about what that combo looked like!