Our state fair is the best state fair in the state…

That might be a BIT of an exaggeration, but Fair Time is here, and it’s fun. I’m Superintendent of Needlework this year, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, so it’s a busy week!!

“Fair Stuff” started on Saturday the 20th (my birthday) with us all meeting out at the fairgrounds at 8:30am to clean up the Veterans’ building. The Vets’ Building is basically a big quonset hut with cement floors. Cleaning up involves sweeping, shooing out the biggest of the bugs, and covering everything with white paper and white plastic.

Monday, we took in entries from 10 am to 7 pm. I didn’t even bring anything to do because I had a feeling that it’d be pretty busy, and it was! We had about 100 entries in Knitting, Crochet, Cross-stitch, Needlepoint, etc. Two people (Emily and Robert) decided to “blow up” the crochet competition this year and entered 18 and 14 items each!! Woah!

Today was judging from 9 am to about 12 noon. After judging, we went to the Desert Kitchen for lunch. Then the judges left and Mom and I arranged all of the entries and hung the ribbons. This kept us busy until about 3:30!

certificate of appreciation
I’m so glad that the hard part is over! There’s a lot of organization in this fair stuff. From logging all of the entries and taking the money to making sure everyone is in the right category (you’d hate to have a “counted cross-stitch 20″x24″ accidentally end up in the judging category for “crochet afghan, mixed stitch.”) You can just IMAGINE the whirlwind if THAT happened! ;)

My hair is just completely crazy in all of these pictures, and I really tried to post the good ones! It was so hectic trying to get there in time and with everything all organized (and get all Mazie’s stuff together so SHE could be there all day with me, too!) We had her play yard, her stroller, her exersaucer, and food, and milk, and changes of clothes and blankets…and Grandma!

Tomorrow I need to go out and make sure all of the “big ribbons” have been hung, for best show and best of lot. And I want to take Mazie out to see the animals, too. So, you’ll probably see even more Fair photos. I ALSO have to check on MY entries and see if I won anything! I entered two necklaces and two pairs of leather shoes. Wish me luck!

More teeth already!? (and) SURPRISE!

Wow! I read in one of those “what your baby will do when” books that there’s a rule of four with baby teeth. Four teeth in four months. We’re already on tooth three, and four’s peeking through since I took this!


These top ones are a lot bigger than those teensey bottom ones were, and they seem to be moving right on in! Mazie’s doing pretty well with them, thank goodness. They don’t seem to be bothering her as much as they look like they would.

In Knitting news, I was given my first ever surprise party on Sunday!!

The group

My knitting group lured me over to Marjorie’s on the premise of a “Mother-daughter day” with Marjorie and her mom. And when I walked in the door…SURPRISE! They had organized a tea party for the release of Glam Knits. I really had no idea that they were planning it. And everyone came, too. Even Becky who just had surgery, and Marsha, who owns a sewing shop and works all weekend! It was just so sweet and amazing. Cindy brought all of her vintage hats for us to wear.

Me and Mazie in hats

Even Mazie got to wear one.

Knitting has started up again over here Chez Glam. I’m working on a pattern for publication, and the needles are smoking. I’ve knit up 3 and a half balls of Therapi since last night, and have exactly that much left to go.

Here’s a sneak peek:
new Top Secret Knit!

We’re also full steam ahead on the new Mission Falls Spring ’09 booklet. I don’t have any designs in it (too booked at the moment) but I’m coordinating. It’s going to be CUTE.

As I have a spare moment, I’m still making little shoes. These are so addictive! They’re so fast to whip together, and the color and stitch combos are just endless. I think I’ve got 8 or 9 pairs so far. I *might* enter a few in the fair.

Here are the two newest pairs of shoes I’ve made:
two newest little pairs of shoes

The pair on the right are soft natural-colored suede with lavender soles, turquoise topstitching, and turquoise heart applique. The other ones are the same suede, but with pink soles and stars on top. I found that I can use the decorative stitches that my machine does on the leather. I really think it adds to the look!

here it is, another year already?

Mazie and Grandpa

This is a picture of Mazie playing with my dad. It’s really touching. Especially so because he’s been ill for a long time and is finally feeling better! (GO DAD!) I’m so happy that they have the chance to get to know each other!!

My birthday is tomorrow! I can’t believe it’s another year already. Tomorrow I have to be at the fairgrounds at 8 am to clean up the Vets’ building so we can set up the displays as submissions start coming in. (I’m superintendent this year for needlework.) ARG. Nothing like starting the birthday early! Then we have Mazie’s swimming lessons at 9:30, and after THAT…I’m voting for a big unhealthy breakfast at Pancake Alley. The rest of the day can do what it wants, as long as I get my Little Rascal (2 eggs, toast, hash browns.)

Nate brought a beautiful bouquet of roses when he came home from work today, and a hand made bracelet that he picked out himself! I was totally surprised. Usually, it’s “what do you want for your birthday?” And this year…he totally rocked it out and picked my gift out on his own…and did a great job. I love that man.

I’m taking a little “me time” right now to relax after a LONG day. Mazie slept in 2-hour increments last night, with long crying jags in between. I looked at her top teeth today (or where they’ll come in) and the gums are definitely starting to peel…which means there’s pressure and the teeth are on their way. She didn’t make up much of her lost sleep today, and was really whiny and cranky, poor baby. SO…I’m off in a room by myself, loving the quiet.

Initially, we had planned to get out tomorrow night and stay at the hot springs in a cabin with it’s own little spring, but the owner died (bless him) and the park is closed. My backup was to go to the Inn of the Mountain Gods and stay in a big room with a whirlpool tub and play in the casino…but they’re all booked! SO…dinner and a movie it is. I really could have used one whole night without 2 or 3 wake-ups right in my REM sleep. I wonder how long since I’ve had a whole uninterrupted night’s sleep? At the same time, when I HAVE gone away, I miss Mazie so much I can’t sleep anyway. I’ll just sleep when she’s older.

I’m sort of in between knitting projects at the moment…and doing some more sewing. I know. You’re getting sick of the sewing. BUT…this is LEATHER sewing. On the MACHINE! (And I’ll get back to the knitting in a few days.)

If you follow me on Twitter.com (I tweet as Glampyre) you know that I’ve been looking at baby shoes online. I really love the soft-soled shoes like Robeez and Preschoolians, so I’ve sort of been stalking those. Mazie has been wearing Robeez since birth, and we really like them. She’s just starting to stand, and they give her a nice grip on the tile and on the carpet. Eventually, she’ll need more of a sole, but for now and even later as slippers, we like these.

Mazie and the Music Table

A couple of nights ago, I realized that I could probably make something similar. They’re a simple flat sole, with a vamp and a heel, and then some elastic to hold them on. So…after googling the subject, I realized that probably half of the moms whose babies wear these soft shoes (and pay $30-$60 a pop) have also thought they could make them. There are tons of patterns and tutorials online (here’s just one), and hundreds of photos on flickr of hand made soft soled baby shoes.

SO…yesterday I went to the Leather Company and picked out some leather. I came home and made 3 pairs of shoes in about 3 hours! They’re easy, fast, and Mazie can’t seem to tell the difference between them and her regular shoes. Except that these have lots of colors and layers to keep her eyes and hands busy.

two pair together

My color combos are kind of crazy, but that’s sort of my M.O. (as you know.) I did Mazie’s by just turning hers inside out to see the construction and tracing her foot to get a template and the right size for the pieces. (I didn’t copy the actual shoes…the fun is trying to do them BETTER.)

I’ve got four more pairs cut out, and today we went to the thrift store to look for more leatha.
I found two coats to cut up and 3 vests. Do you watch Project Runway? Didn’t you love how Stella talked about her Leatha?? I wish I had some studs to hammer. I miss Stella! Who do think will win?? The previews look like they’re giving Kenley a hard time next week! I personally hope Suede leaves SOON (or stops talking about himself in the third person.)

You guys. I so wish I had my camera when I was looking through the vests. What the hell goes through peoples’ minds when they make/sew/embroider/quilt their own vests? I know vests are popular right now…but not this kind. I think there must be actual panels of fabric that you can cut out and piece together with pre-printed vests on them, because there were just too many repeats for it to be coincidence. Man. But the overwhelming majority were denim. That stonewash color that was big in the early 90s, with different embroideries on them…I think teachers must wear a lot of vests. There were several with schoolhouse themes. Just thinking back on it…someone really could do a photodiary piece on just this rack of vests. Personalized vests are like a page out of someone’s scrap book. You really see what they hold dear. It was pretty emotionally draining. My stomach was in knots after going through those! I’m not kidding, I was really almost shaking. Vests give me the creeps, and then so many awful ones in one place was just too much. And, before you get offended, if you read this and you make your own vests…you’re not making the kind I’m talking about, trust. me.

suede coat for soft soled shoes

ANYWAY…it was worth it for the materials. When I got home, I also found a weird deerskin “shirtjacket” in my closet to cut up. It’s not weird per se, but the cut was weird on me. I was keeping it because the leather was just so nice and it was a great deal (Thrifted.) So…now I have enough burgundy, black, purple, and natural leather to make like 200 pairs of baby shoes. Some of these are definitely going on Etsy. (Glampyre there, too.) Anyone with any OTHER colors of thrifted leather want to trade?? (Though, everyone probably has the same 70s burgundy, black, and natural, don’t they?)

PS: If you use a dyed leather for the sole…use a lining!
PPS: The Author Copy of Glam Knits: 25 Designs For Luxe Yarns arrived a few days ago…and is it pretty!

Cleo pattern is now available for download



Sizing: This pattern is written for the HIGH BUST measurement. This measurement is taken around the body, just under the arms, and is generally 2 to 4 inches smaller than the ACTUAL BUST measurement. PLEASE be sure to take a proper measurement before choosing your size.


[MC] 4[4, 5, 5, 5] balls SWTC Vickie Howell Collection Rock (40% SOYSILK® 30% Fine Wool,30% Hemp,100m/50g, color: Kim & Kelley

[CC1] 1[1, 2, 2, 2] balls Rock, color: Shirley

[CC2] 1[1, 1, 1, 1] ball Rock, color: Billy Joe

Needle: US8 24″ circular needle
Gauge: 7 sts / incch
Body stitch pattern: 4 sts and 4 rows per inch.

(NOTE: This is knit more loosely than recommended on the yarn label.)

Notions: Two ¾” round buttons



Mazie updates and more sewing

yarn baby

Wow! We have two bottom teeth now! I have been getting not more than 2 hrs of sleep in a row for about the last 2 weeks. Last night was the longest sleep I’ve had, and it was about 4 hours. Man. As stressful as my old job was, it’s nothing compared to teething!

I’ve been making Mazie so many little things, the soaker sets, the fleece pants, and even more little clothes, that I’ve decided to put a few things in my Etsy shop. I tend to do things assembly-line style, so I’ll cut out 6 or more of the same pants or shirt at the same time, and we just can’t use that many!

So Every once in a while, I’m going to post the overflow on Etsy. Everything there will be new and unworn, just the products of my overactive sewing.

In other Mazie news, we have crawling AND standing!