Closely Knit

While I was at TNNA in June, I met several of the new F&W craft . knitting authors. One of my favorites is Hannah Fettig. She has a gorgeous new book out called Closely Knit. This week, I’m going to have Hannah over (to the blog) for a visit.


(This was totally my idea, not an F&W promo thing…I just really like Hannah and I really like her book!)

Hannah writes the blog Knitbot, which I’ve just started reading since having met her. Just now, she has a post called her “knitting roundup”… you can tell from the complexity of her chosen projects that she knows what she’s doing!

Closely knit is full of really sweet, homey, comfy things, and the theme of the book is that it’s full of projects that you could make for your family…closely knit…family…get it?

There are projects ranging from a really easy baby hat to a full-on man’s sweater…and it’s a sweater that a man (even mine!) would actually wear!

So…that’s just a little tease, Hannah will be here later in the week and we’ll talk more about it then!

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