Glam Knit workshop in Alexandria!

If you’ve got a keen eye, you may have seen the ads on Ravelry…


I’m doing another workshop weekend!

Glam Knit Weekend!

This one is in Alexandria, VA, and is co-sponsored by Knit Happens and Knit-a-gogo.

The workshop will focus around designing our own “Glam” sweaters using luxury yarns.
We’re going to spend a posh few days and nights (October 31 – November 2) in the gorgeous Morrison House knitting and designing together!

This will also be the first book signing and first event coinciding with the release of Glam Knits!

Glam available for pre-order at B&N!

I am REALLY looking forward to this workshop! I lived and worked in Baltimore and Washington for five years and I LOVED it. DC in autumn is so beautiful.

For more information, or to register online, click here.

4 thoughts on “Glam Knit workshop in Alexandria!

  1. I can’t beieve you’re coming back to DC right after I move away! Oh, well… Come to the LA area sometime soon (after September) and I’ll see you there :).

  2. Any chance you’re heading out to the San Francisco or the Bay Area any time soon? I already pre-ordered a copy of Glamknits months and months ago via Amazon. Can’t wait to look through it.

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