Interview with Hannah Fettig


So…I asked Hannah a few questions about her book, and here’s what she said (I’m in bold:)

I love your book! There are so many patterns in it that I can actually see myself making, especially as it gets closer to the holidays.

Thanks, Stefanie!

How did you come up with the concept for this book?

Our editor, Jessica Gordon, had the idea for a knitted gifts book divided up by who the gift is for. I fell in love with the idea, and thought that other knitters would, too. Since the books release in March, people have really been responding to the sentiment. For recipients I chose Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Men in Our Lives, Wee Ones and Friends. It was so fun to design gifts with each recipient in mind. I tried to think about who that person was in my life as I came up with an ideal project.

The yarns that you chose are ones that I see on the blogs a lot, but that are also considered high end…had you used these yarns before? How did you decide which ones to choose?

I did choose a lot of special yarns. As you know, using the right yarn really contributes to the wow factor of a project. Closely Knit contains a number of smaller projects. I hope this will help make using some of these yarns more possible for people.

Most of the yarns I chose were what I have used and loved, particularly The Fibre Company’s yarns. This yarn mill started down the street from me here in Portland, Maine. I cannot begin to articulate how wonderful their yarn is, you just have to experience it for yourself. They offer unique blends in the most beautiful colors. A list of LYS who carry this yarn can be found here:

As you have mentioned in the past, some yarn companies are especially great to work with, being super nice and helpful. I found that to be the case with all who supplied yarn for Closely Knit, but I must give a special shout out to Classic Elite Yarns, who continues to be so helpful as I begin work on book #2.

baby pants!

One of my favorite patterns is the baby pants. When you wrote that pattern, did you have cloth diapering in mind? (These would be great as a soaker, and typically, online soaker patterns are pretty expensive…this is a great alternative!)

I did not have soakers in mind, great idea!

I always say that those little pants are what got me this gig. They were the first project I created, the one I sent in with the proposal to F & W. Thanks, little pants! I had sewn a similar pair for my niece, and thought a knit version could be super cute.

heart pin

I like it that the book contains a range of ideas from big projects like sweaters all the way to teeny projects like the heart pin…

Yeah, I like that, too. Again, that’s were the focus of the book was so helpful during the design process. I could focus on one recipient at a time and come up with a range of five projects for each.


Anything else you’d like to add??

I would like to thank you for being so gracious in having me on your blog. I look forward to hosting you on knitbot in the near future! Thank you also to the growing number of fans of Closely Knit for their support. It’s so fun to see the finished projects showing up on Ravelry and other places. I hope you all get a lot of mileage out of this book!

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed

…only changed into another form.

3 quilts

I bought SO much flannel a few months ago, did nothing with it, and it’s been taking up room on my yarn shelves! A few weeks ago, I started cutting it all into 4″ squares and doing some patchwork.

red quilt 1

Basically, I’m cutting my fabric into little pieces and sewing it back together into bigger pieces. The fabric is then going from being stored on one set of shelves to another set of shelves…but somehow it still feels like I’m accomplishing something.

green quilt 1

None of the quilts’ corners are perfect, and the one with the long stripes is intentionally sort of crazy. The red one and the long-stripe one are both backed with flannel and the batting is a bamboo / organic cotton. The other one isn’t lined (but *is* backed in flannel,) and is perfect for the nights we’ve been having this summer.

Mazie playing
And here’s Mazie playing with some blocks I made out of MORE 4″ squares.

Here’s some knitting, too!

Yahaira's sweatersThese are two really cute sweaters that Yahaira made for Mazie. She LOVES them!! (I don’t know what’s up with the color in these photos, but the sweaters are AWESOME!!)

AND, my friend Sarah is having a baby in October, and this soaker’s for her. (It’s a pattern that I made up when I was doing all of Mazie’s.)
nb soaker It’s knit from 100purewool that I dyed.

Closely Knit

While I was at TNNA in June, I met several of the new F&W craft . knitting authors. One of my favorites is Hannah Fettig. She has a gorgeous new book out called Closely Knit. This week, I’m going to have Hannah over (to the blog) for a visit.


(This was totally my idea, not an F&W promo thing…I just really like Hannah and I really like her book!)

Hannah writes the blog Knitbot, which I’ve just started reading since having met her. Just now, she has a post called her “knitting roundup”… you can tell from the complexity of her chosen projects that she knows what she’s doing!

Closely knit is full of really sweet, homey, comfy things, and the theme of the book is that it’s full of projects that you could make for your family…closely knit…family…get it?

There are projects ranging from a really easy baby hat to a full-on man’s sweater…and it’s a sweater that a man (even mine!) would actually wear!

So…that’s just a little tease, Hannah will be here later in the week and we’ll talk more about it then!

Glam Knit workshop in Alexandria!

If you’ve got a keen eye, you may have seen the ads on Ravelry…


I’m doing another workshop weekend!

Glam Knit Weekend!

This one is in Alexandria, VA, and is co-sponsored by Knit Happens and Knit-a-gogo.

The workshop will focus around designing our own “Glam” sweaters using luxury yarns.
We’re going to spend a posh few days and nights (October 31 – November 2) in the gorgeous Morrison House knitting and designing together!

This will also be the first book signing and first event coinciding with the release of Glam Knits!

Glam available for pre-order at B&N!

I am REALLY looking forward to this workshop! I lived and worked in Baltimore and Washington for five years and I LOVED it. DC in autumn is so beautiful.

For more information, or to register online, click here.

I've had this blog post in the works for DAYS

…but things keep popping up!

new quilt

Like today, for instance. I thought I’d have all day to get some stuff done. Photos uploaded to Flickr, get my Ravelry notebook updated, finish up some pattern math, and other computer-y things like that.

But then. Mazie had her 6-month “well-baby” visit. And you know what that means. SHOTS. She had THREE shots today. Shots + Mazie = screaming, tears (which are SO hard to see!) and just general malaise. So instead of getting to the computer and getting my shiznit taken care of…I’ve been trying to get her to go to sleep. Finally, she’s sleeping in her swing. Hopefully long enough for me to get this post posted!

cables on the blocker.  This is knit in Dome Hill Yarns sock yarn in the color (Dome Hill Yarns)

So I told you that I had a bunch of early July deadlines and that I was exhausted from that. Well, I’m still finishing up a couple details on two of them. Fortunately, I should be able to get everything done today. It’s eating at me, though, I hate it when stuff (through my own fault, of course) just lingers on and on.

ANYWAY…in the meantime, and as a relaxer, I guess, I’ve been finishing up some projects. You can see them randomly sprinkled through the post…there’s a quilt (three, actually) and a Clapotis, and a sock, and even a sweater or two.

Clapotis in Cascade Venezia Worsted(Cascade Venezia Worsted)

I’ve got a big fun event coming this fall, and I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow if I can get to the computer!

BFL dye experiment(Yarn that I dyed)
Today in the waiting room at her doctor, Mazie started a conversation with the lady next to us. The lady was in a wheelchair, and was sitting with a guy who could have been her son or grandson. She was speaking Spanish and Mazie was just loving her. She (Mazie) was bouncing up and down and flapping her arms and clapping and telling a really detailed, really loud story.

The lady was commenting on Mazie’s chubby cheeks and asked her companion for the translation for the word “Gordita” (Which I’ve heard many, many times in reference to the Mazer…) and the guy turns to me and leveled his eyes at me and just says one word, with a really bored expression. “Fat.” And looked away. It was so funny!

The people across the room started going, “NO! It means chubby! It’s just chubby! Not fat!!” Anyway, she gets called “Gordita linda” all the time. People come up and talk to her wherever we go, and a lot of them want to touch her…I’ve even had strangers ask to hold her.

It’s so interesting, because before Mazie, i could just walk through the shops or downtown and not talk to anyone, but now we stop and talk to everyone! I like it!

Another Cleo!

Mazie’s 6-month stats:

height: 27 inches
weight: 21 lbs. 10 oz.