Baby Knitting: (Ruffle-butt soaker)

I can’t help myself. Even though I’m up to my eyeballs in projects (writing, designing, co-ordinating) I still just can’t stop making baby clothes.

They’re so fast. And it’s so much fun to knit something that’s so truly over-the-top. Here’s a soaker that I made for Mazie. The structure is based on the “Down Under Soaker” pattern… but very heavily modified.

new pink soaker


This is knit from 100Purewool, dyed with Wilton’s cake dye, and then hand knit (duh.)

I love this pink Wilton’s…it gives a really neon result. It’s the same pink as the one I used for the pink and black sock yarn.

Today Mazie had her first play group date! I know three other new moms and we decided to start a New Mom group. Our babies range in age from 4 months to 13 months. It was interesting to hear the other moms’ birth stories, and to share experiences that we’ve had with the kids. We have a lot in common, it turns out. I also really enjoyed watching the babies together. The other 3 kids are all boys, all crawling already. I’m hoping that Mazie will find them inspiring…sitting up, crawling, talking.

She’s doing great, actually, and I’m completely pleased with where she is, but it can’t hurt for her to see babies that are at that next stage.

9 thoughts on “Baby Knitting: (Ruffle-butt soaker)

  1. love the ruffle butt! Makes me wish I had a baby to knit for now.

    Have fun with your playgroup. My playgroup started out with the kids getting together, now that Chicken is 10 all us moms get together for lunch once or twice a month while the kiddos are at school.

  2. Love the soaker–the ruffles are precious. I’m curious to know how you do the dying with the Wilton’s cake die and how you get the color to set. The resulting yarn is gorgeous!

  3. Oh so cute – I love the ruffled soaker!!

    I have a bit of playgroup shyness – but it sounds really fun! Maybe I’ll have to start going to a local playgroup.

  4. I love the ruffle. They are so cute. I love making baby things.
    Any chance you can share the pattern with us.

  5. I love the ruffle. She is so cute.
    I love making baby things as well. Sewing, knitting.
    Any chance you can share the pattern.

  6. Love the ruffle butt soaker! I’ve yet to try dying — but that’s the simplest instructions I’ve heard yet so I may just jump into it this week!

    Isn’t 100purewool just buttery soft? Yum!

  7. Love the soaker! My playdates started 16 1/2 years ago and the friends I made with my first child are still my best friends!

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