Oh Arg. (My yarn just might be jacked up.)

OK, This is like the good old days when I first started blogging and would do 2 or 3 posts a day…it’s 11:20. PM!

I’m up (more insomnia) and thinking crafty. My striping yarn experiment has gone awry and I’m a little jacked up about it.

merino lace ... too fine

I wound that merino into a center-pull ball, and then decided it was too fine for socks. SO…I got out a hank of Fisherman’s Wool that I’ve been hoarding for just such an emergency. You’re a knitter, you know that there ARE emergencies that require undyed hanks of yarn needing to be hoarded. All kinds of yarns are hoarded for some emergency or another…

starting wool

ANYWAY…I did my calculations and skeined the yarn, walking around and around these two chairs in the back yard (in the dark, mind you)…and ended up short. I calculated for 2-3-2 row stripes, but I ended up with 1-2-3 somehow. ugh. Oh well. Right? It should still work. At least it wasn’t like 1-2-2.3786 or something.

winding on chairs

So, I *wanted* to use cake dye for this, I really like how the browns and oranges can get all rusty-autumn. WELL, I couldn’t FIND my Cake dyes. So I had to use KoolAid packs. I’ll take pics in the daylight, but this yarn looks electric. I was going for subtle, so I used straight blue and straight green, then mixed the blue and the green for the mid-tone, thinking that they’d harmonize. And now I don’t know if my greens are different enough to really show up as stripes.

And I have to WAIT until it’s DRY to know for SURE!

Ok. I’m going to bed now.

3 thoughts on “Oh Arg. (My yarn just might be jacked up.)

  1. Two Words: Over Dye!

    It might come out crap, but it could totally come out GREAT! I had these big chunks of quilt batting stuff which was actually superwash merino (i loved that order, but she can’t get any more! /pout) that I’d dyed and wanted rainbow, but I’d somehow bunged up the red cake dye to water ratio, or something, and it came out this really sickly colour of pink. And pink IS my favourite colour, so if I look at it and it turns my stomach, it’s definitely a bad, bad shade. So I hung onto it for a while, and then remembered that black cake dye is extremely unstable, doesn’t dye totally black, ever, and tends to separate into the composite colours at random places in whatever it is you’re trying to dye. So I went ahead and over dyed the whole bunch o batts with the sickly pink and otherwise okay rainbow colours, and let me tell you, it came out ossum. Ossum like Possums. It’s still to this day probably my most favouritest result from a “let’s see what I do when….”. Now, I don’t know that over dying with black cake dye would rock that world o fisherman’s yarn, but perhaps some cake dye, when you locate it, would be in order. You never know. Or just full yourself something so obnoxiously bright it’ll be bound to be a carrying pouch for Mazie’s favourite dolly or Sesame Street stuffed pal :D

  2. If it’s still too bright when it dries, throw the whole thing in a waek brown or gray dye. I usua;;y use gray or brown fleece when I use koolade to get more autumnal colors. Maybe adding a darker dye allover will help.

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