Mazie's 3 months old today!

Mazie is 3 months old today!

And so serious!

She knows how to smile now, but something has to be reeeeeEEEEeeeally good to get one.

Sunset Back

I’m wearing my Sunset Cardigan Experiment, made from the yarn I dyed back on October. I’m really really happy with how it came out. It looks awesome with my new empire-waist summer dresses. I made it that length and with that lower body flare-out so that I could wear it while I was still pregnant. It’s great in that I *did* wear it back then, but I don’t feel like it’s “Maternity” now.

…aside…I’ve got to go through my closet and put all my maternity stuff in a Rubbermaid to go in the garage. I’d put it on eBay, except that I’m *hoping* to have another baby before TOO long and that stuff is expen$ive. If there’s one demographic that pays a LOT for EVERYTHING it’s pregnant people. Anyway…I’m leaving this sweater out, because I still love it and wear it quite a lot.

So the YARN. I bought a 1 kg cone of Blue Faced Leicester to make baby soakers out of but liked it too much to use it to soak up urine. It works out to about $37 / lb if you buy it that way. BFL is so soft and really has a great sheen. It’s a long staple yarn, so won’t pill as easily as Merino, say. It takes dye really nicely, too.


I dyed it myself in the crock pot using cake dye. All 4 little skeins that I did are slightly different, so I designed the sweater in sections so that the color diffs wouldn’t be so obvious. If I re-did it, the only thing I’d change would be to do the button bands on a smaller needle. They’re a little wavy, but good enough for “just me.”

Sunset Front

I started a sweater out of the green/purple stuff, but it’s not done yet. Just knitting it in my “spare” (ha ha) time.

4 thoughts on “Mazie's 3 months old today!

  1. Oh, thank goodness! There’s not been NEARLY enough Mazie pictures on this blog for me.

    So, you’re bringing her to MDS&W this year right? We’ve got a pack and play….

  2. The Sunset Cardi is just lovely! About the maternity clothes, I know exactly how you feel. I actually saved mine for six years, and today I cleared out my closet from all not maternity. So you see, I finally got use of the clothes again.

  3. Hi
    I was on knitty and was looking at your comments about your sweater Forcast. I just had to send you a note. after seeing you again in this picture of you with that huge warm smile, holding you bundle of joy. I think your forcast is very bright. Take care Dale
    Love your book and patterns.
    ps You should go back and read it again …reflection is always good.

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