Charity Knitting

Swatching Mission Falls DK

One thing I haven’t done much of is charity knitting.

Recently, though, a great one has come to my attention.

It’s the Oxfam Blanket for Maternal Mortality. They’re collecting 9″ squares. For me, that’s a great thing…I can send in small bits of knitting and not feel overwhelmed by knitting an entire garment or shawl by myself. And every little square is a big help to the project. Hey…if I make all of my swatches 9″…I help two birds with one stone.

Swatching Mission Falls DK

Here’s the press release:

Oxfam calls on knitting activists to demonstrate some purling power

Oxfam is calling on all knitters in the UK to (purl together and) support a new campaign to help reduce the numbers of women who die needlessly every year in pregnancy and childbirth. Millions of mums in poor countries get low-quality health care or are forced to go though pregnancy and childbirth without it altogether, meaning that, every minute, a mother dies because she doesn’t have access to the medical care she needs.

The campaign is being launched in partnership with the parenting website and knitters will be asked to make 9-inch squares for a giant baby blanket, with each knitted square representing a mother who did not survive pregnancy or childbirth to be able to care for her baby.

Mumsnet founder Carrie Longton said: ‘It seems astonishing that in the 21st century mothers are still dying through lack of basic healthcare. Mumsnet are delighted to be working with Oxfam to raise awareness of this desparate situation and Mumsnetters are busy knitting already.

The aim is to get 250,000 squares by September, the number of mothers who could have been saved in that time if decent healthcare had been available.

Oxfam Leeds Campaigner Sarah Blakemore said: ‘Most knitters love to make beautiful things to show others they care, this campaign is about showing how much people in the UK care about the lives and health of mums and babies around the world. It’s a message to tell world leaders they must act to provide decent healthcare for all’

The giant blanket will be handed over to the UK Government just before world leaders meet in New York to discuss progress on the Millennium Development Goals, aimed at halving world poverty by 2015. It will represent a demand to global leaders to act now to ensure that everyone in the world has access to free basic healthcare

After the giant blanket has been handed in, it will be dismantled and sold in Oxfam shops and at festivals, with the money raised going towards Oxfam’s work to fight poverty.

To join a group of knitting Mumsnetters locally, click here

Send completed squares to Oxfam Campaigns, 47 Park Square East, Leeds, LS21 2NL

(Here’s the group on Ravelry: oxfam-blanket-for-maternal-mortality)

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