Oh Arg. (My yarn just might be jacked up.)

OK, This is like the good old days when I first started blogging and would do 2 or 3 posts a day…it’s 11:20. PM!

I’m up (more insomnia) and thinking crafty. My striping yarn experiment has gone awry and I’m a little jacked up about it.

merino lace ... too fine

I wound that merino into a center-pull ball, and then decided it was too fine for socks. SO…I got out a hank of Fisherman’s Wool that I’ve been hoarding for just such an emergency. You’re a knitter, you know that there ARE emergencies that require undyed hanks of yarn needing to be hoarded. All kinds of yarns are hoarded for some emergency or another…

starting wool

ANYWAY…I did my calculations and skeined the yarn, walking around and around these two chairs in the back yard (in the dark, mind you)…and ended up short. I calculated for 2-3-2 row stripes, but I ended up with 1-2-3 somehow. ugh. Oh well. Right? It should still work. At least it wasn’t like 1-2-2.3786 or something.

winding on chairs

So, I *wanted* to use cake dye for this, I really like how the browns and oranges can get all rusty-autumn. WELL, I couldn’t FIND my Cake dyes. So I had to use KoolAid packs. I’ll take pics in the daylight, but this yarn looks electric. I was going for subtle, so I used straight blue and straight green, then mixed the blue and the green for the mid-tone, thinking that they’d harmonize. And now I don’t know if my greens are different enough to really show up as stripes.

And I have to WAIT until it’s DRY to know for SURE!

Ok. I’m going to bed now.

Uh oh…here we go (Full-on sock addict now.)

Fearless Fibers

So, ok. If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years, you know that I tend to have waves of obsession. I mean, I get reeeeeally into something for a while, get all the gear, figure out how to dissect it and remake it from every possible angle.

And, fair readers, I think we have another obsession in the making. I really thought I’d been there and back already, didn’t need to Do Socks any more, but there’s just something about teeny tiny needles, teeny tiny yarn, and then all of the leeeetle accessories, small batches of hand-dyed yarns, and the rabid sock-knitting communities. It’s all so perfectly set up for people with even the slightest tendency to obsess.

I know I’m a good 2 years late for the real bandwagon here. I’m like the guy who comes along after the parade, cleaning up after the bandwagon. So, you’ll have seen all of my oohs and aahs before, many many times, I’m sure.

HowEVer…I’m going to write about it like you haven’t. Otherwise, every sentence will start with, “Ok, you guys probably already KNOW this, BUT…” or, “Somebody stop me if you’ve heard about this…” And that kind of self-depreciating attitude is just too hard to keep up. So I’m just going to pretend this is all new…to everyone.


In response to the TWO people who asked for a pattern for the socks I made last time, I’ve written a pattern and am just waiting on the digitized cable charts. So that’ll be up soon. (BTW: the Cleo pattern is with the graphic designer whose laptop had to be rushed to the apple store for emergency surgery) I don’t know if that Glampyre sock yarn is available any more, but any sock yarn will work (you probably already KNOW that…) < -- see? Annoying.

OK, so here I start talking about stuff that people have already figured out many many times…

I’m going crazy with lust for self-striping sock yarn.
I mean, I am really losing sleep over it.
I think I’ve read all of the blog posts, googled all the images and how-tos, and I’m almost ready to try it for myself.

I’ve got a GORGEOUS hank of Morehouse Merino Laceweight (8 sts / inch) that their GORGEOUS rep gave me at the last TNNA. (She’s a redhead, and we think we may actually know each other from our past lives in NYC in the mid-late 90s…but that’s another story…) At ANY rate…There’s 880 yards, which will make TWO pair of big-footed socks.

Morehouse merino laceweight

(OH! Another aside: when you see the INSOMNIA sock pattern, you’re going to laugh because I wrote it for my big feet. The short-row heel starts at 8.5 inches and the foot length…10 inches. BUT…as you know…you just plug in your own measurements. I just thought it’d be fun to have my own size 11 foot be the ‘model’ for that one.)

So, what I’m gonna do is wind the gorgeous merino hank into a ball or 2, wind THAT around my two metal patio chairs, mark off my stripes, and then just try dyeing it. I’ll let you know what happens.

Oh yeah, I’m past the heel on my first “Jaded” sock:

Dome Hill in progress

Do you ever, while you knit socks, notice that your yarn stops flowing over the needle as smoothly? My metal needles (and this happens when I knit big, too) seem to get sort of dirty and sticky…not like glue sticky, but just that the yarn seems to stop flowing across them as nicely. I’m pretty sure it’s not that my hands are filthy…I wash my hands 100s of times a day with a new baby in the house.

I keep a jeweler’s cloth in my sewing bag, and use that to periodically wipe off my needles. Something about it is a lot better than just plain flannel or t-shirt. Whatever they put on it to clean jewelry works great for cleaning Addis, too.

My newest OCD habit…


I’ve been through a sock phase once already in my life. Around my 2nd year of grad school, I stumbled on an eBay deal too good to pass up. It was a baker’s dozen weird colors of opal sock yarn. You know those auctions…the ones where, yes, you CAN buy 13 sleins of sock yarn for an unbeatable price…but they’re all strange in some way. These were all different speckled ones. Here’s a pic of one pair of socks from that batch.
"veintage" opal
I started with the more normal skeins first. Gradually, I’ve traded most of them away.

Recently, through the influence of Jo and Jo‘s toe-up sock class at KITH, I’ve started thinking about socks again.

I have a lot of sock yarn around. That just happens when you blog and knit and shop on Etsy…you end up with loads and loads of yarn of all flavors. One day I’ll show you my yarn stash…but this is about my SOCKS.

Here are the finished Happy Feet (yarn purchased at MisKnits.)
happy feet
Just very simple toe-ups, short row (holey) heel.

And HERE I present the reason I’ve been so haggard the last two days:
mama e glampyre colorway
(mama e ceyeber fiber…custom glampyre colorway)
I obsessively knit this pair of socks in two evenings. One Wednesday night and the other on Thursday. I just made them up as I went along. I love toe-ups, because you can just PLAY and it’s not over till you run out of yarn.

This is going to be my next pair (toe-up or course!):
Dome Hill Jaded(dome hill jaded)

This sock-knitting thing has the potential to get really out of hand!